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Basic Colors And How They Affect Our Emotional State

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1. White  can improve our mood during dark and rainy days, and it also helps us overcome personal constraints and limitations.

2. Red  is a symbol of sensuality and represents a sign that you are open to new relationships with the opposite sex. If a person is angry or has just experienced a shock, he or she should try to avoid the color red. If you need to make a change in your life and shake things up a bit – use this color.

3. Rose pink/pink helps with sadness and hardships. This color creates a sense of comfort and helps us in critical situations – try to use this color if you have experienced failure.

4. Orange helps reduce the feeling of low self-worth. If you don’t like this color it means that you are not ready to move on with your life; it also says that you have experienced failures, losses and hardship in the past. Orange can help you  remove these blockages.

5. Brown is  the color of the earth. It can provide a peaceful shelter and support during turbulent times.

6. Yellow is pure, it works against worries, dark thoughts and improves self-confidence!

7. Light blue can be used to relieve coarse behavior and nurture compassion, also helps to reconcile with reality and cure emotional pain. If you have decided to lose – do not use this color.

8. Green helps you adapt to new environments. It is used in therapy for nervous system disorders and brings comfort.

9. Blue cleans astral pollution. It erases painful memories and helps people get rid f bad habits.

10. Purple should only be used in combination with other colors because too much of it leads to depression. This is the color of leaders. This color is also not recommended for use in working with children.

11. Gray encourages sound judgement and has a beneficial effect on mental disorders . Also, it helps with frustrations and anxiety.

12. Black is the color of darkness, but the paradox is that in the very center of darkness, lies light. However, not many of us would dare to look deep into the darkness. Therefore, black helps us look into ourselves and open up. But do not forget that after using black in therapy, you should go back and use the full spectrum of colors!

Our deepest self is a territory unexplored and it’s hidden in this color. Also, we hide behind the black when we don’t want to open up and make contact with others. Thus, black is the color of the unknown; the closed off. Universal color of protection and the stopof energy exchange with the environment. The color of self-renewal, rest.

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