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Time For Some Naked Truth: Jupiter In Scorpio 

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by Conscious Reminder 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, which is why it always bears the truth. Known as the “Greater Benefic”, its duty is to make sure that we know that truth which does not stay hidden for long. 

Not only that, Jupiter does a lot of things for us and also signifies things that go beyond the mortal plane.

It brings joy and happiness into our lives and also has an important role in shaping our thought processes.

It blesses us with the ability to see the big picture and not be stuck at the petty aspects of life. Jupiter also helps us enrich our minds with an understanding of philosophy and the concept of life and death. 

What adds a more interesting spin to all of this is the fact that Jupiter will be going into Scorpio and boy oh boy, is there is a truth storm that is headed our way.

Even though Jupiter is generally related to everything positive, its position in Scorpio might change this but not just on its own. This would also be due to our own issues and complications.

We might be uncomfortable in the beginning but this would be a good opportunity to really weigh into everything that has been going in our lives and the things that we have been doing. It will help us understand ourselves better. Our dreams, however, might suffer a little. 

When a sign has the honour of having Jupiter pass through it, it makes the sign work on their issues that are specific to them and get on with it.

For example, now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, it is going to make the sign look deep within itself and pursue all the unanswered questions, doing away with all kinds of secrets.

After Scorpio, Jupiter will find its way into Sagittarius in November, but before it does, things are going to change on a pretty big scale.

There will be uncomfortable situations but one has to keep going. For that is how one becomes a better and a more balanced person. 

Video courtesy of Hubble Space Telescope

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