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Does Intelligence Turn You On? 7 Signs Of A Sapiosexual!

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There was a time when ‘sapiosexual’ sounded strange enough to be an alien species.

However, this word is becoming a lot more known nowadays as we realize how common it is to find a sapiosexual in our midst.

So who are these sapiosexuals? They are people who value brains over beauty to an extent that they get turned on more by what a person has to say rather than how they look. Sounds familiar?

Here are some signs to tell if you are a sapiosexual.

1. You quickly move on from people who might be very physically gifted, but can’t hold an intelligent conversation for more than a few minutes. You don’t care much about the physical features if they are not accompanied with brains.

2. One night stands are not made for you. You’d rather have a deep conversation with someone than indulge in casual s*x. Physical satisfaction is one thing, but you crave mental stimulation.

3. When somebody matches up to you in a conversation or a debate, you get all tingly inside though you manage to hide it well. Having an intelligent conversation with someone, complete with valid facts and funny quips is such a huge turn on.

4. Bar hopping isn’t really your scene. If you ever find a random stranger to date, it has a much higher chance to be at the library or the bookstore than a bar or a theater.

5. In your checklist for the opposite s*x, the brains find their spot at the top. Doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the rest of the package, but you start looking at the smarts before you get down to the appearance.

6. For you, the attractiveness of a person increases with time. Because the more you learn about them, the more you start liking them.

7. You are turned on by someone who can teach you new stuff. They don’t have to be a master of it, but if they can tell you something new, you will definitely find them attractive.

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