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The Meaning Of Soul Ties And How You Can Break Them

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by Conscious Reminder

Many different kinds of relationships can happen to us. However, it is not easy to know their exact nature all the time.

It is especially so while it is going on. So read on to know the possible meaning of “soul ties”.

The term is somewhat misunderstood. They are not only to do with s3x – although s3x plays a large part in the strength of the soul tie. Thus, what exactly is it?

The Exact Nature Of Soul Ties

A soul tie can be thought of as a connection with a person who is deeply engraved in the soul. Usually, it is thought to take place after having intercourse. This idea behind the origin of a soul tie comes from Christianity. It adds to the belief that having extra-marital s3x will connect you to the person.

However, soul ties are more like disguised attachments when it comes to s3x. They can also be considered as normal feelings being overly spiritualized. Even though oxytocin, the hormone for bonding, is released on reaching climax, not everyone feels an emotional bond after the act.

As such, the term can also mean a connection stretching across past lives where two people may have some kind of experience together. It also does not necessarily have to involve romance. You can even realize shortly that the person does not uplift your life in any way.

7 Signs Of Soul Ties

1. You Feel A Deeper Connection

Soul ties come with a deeper bonding than usual, at the Spirit level. One sign of soul ties is this profound connecting feeling with another person.

2. They Bring Out Your Strongest Reactions

Soul ties come with a certain intensity. They may not be the same on the surface but they will amplify everything – the good as well as the bad.

3. They Have A Sense Of Familiarity

Along with such strong reactions, the person may also seem familiar. You might feel like you know them from before or for a long time.

4. You Get A Feeling Of Completion From Them

Sometimes soul ties can activate a wound regarding attachment. These are the times when you get a sense of completion from the person. The case is common when romance is involved and is also the beginning of toxicity.

5. You Feel That The Relationship Is Unique

You might feel that there is some sense of newness or uniqueness to the relationship. These include an unprecedented level of sexual attraction or beginning a new project.

6. They Appeared At An Important Time

Soul ties may appear at very significant points in life. These include moments when you need expertise, help, or healing.

7. You Feel Like Something Is Missing When They Are Not There

Finally, soul ties often lead to a painful experience if things do not work out. This is because this connection can become an attachment. As such, people often feel broken when they leave.

Can You Break Soul Ties?

Soul Ties might also result in one-sided and toxic relationships. However, some of the above signs are also indications of attachment. And, getting attached to someone too much leads to a loss of individuality. This can negatively influence attachment.

Understanding the attachment style will help you better talk about what you want and need from the relationship. But you should always avoid a situation that is not healthy just because of soul ties.

So, the first step is to reaffirm your individuality and completeness by yourself. Losing any connection is never easy and as such always reach out to professionals when you need help. Lastly, keep in mind that there is always more in life. There is no need to feel like saying goodbye to a long-time friend means no one else will be your friend.

The Takeaway

Soul ties are only one of several types of connections that can happen with us. They do not have to be bad things, but they can often become unhealthy attachments.

Just as soul-tied partners can have a healthy and strong relationship, it can also become extremely toxic. So keep in mind that sometimes letting go is the only way to embrace the new.

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