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The 10 Awakening Stages That Everybody Has To Go Through

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

At least once in our lifetime, we will most definitely experience awakening. When I myself experienced my own awakening, I began to notice others too who were just starting to go through the process.

It was surprising but everyone I met was on the brink of their awakening. After realizing how important this process of finding your true self and seeing beyond the veil is, I wanted to reach out to everyone going through the same and help them out through it.

It starts slowly and eventually transforms you completely. Had I been aware of these stages, I would have experienced my awakening better. So, here is a list of those ten stages

The 10 Stages of Awakening:

1. You are despondent and frustrated. However, you no longer want to depend on external stimuli for your happiness and emotional stability. You look out for healing and happiness and peace out there. Awakening has begun for you.

2. You see life in a whole new light and feel a sense of freedom. New energies begin to flow in and out of you. There is a sense of euphoria.

3. There is a push-pull between from staying awake and closing your eyes. You are taking a leap into an unknown territory.

4. Everything seems to be falling apart. However, it is actually falling in the right place. Also, you may feel as if, for the longest time, you are being in the dark. This, on the contrary, is to make you understand the ‘light’.

5. After the existential crisis, you will begin to contemplate a lot. This self- reflection and retrospection will make you look at the bigger picture. You will realize the power of inner resources.

6. You begin to feel the interconnectedness of everything: nature, animals humans and the almighty. Your consciousness expands. You begin to think and feel profoundly.

7. You feel one with the universe. Your mind, body and heart feel united and in sync. You move away from the tangible towards the intangible, that is, energy and intention.

8. You begin to align yourself with your true, authentic self.

9. As you go ahead, you realize you are co-creating with the universe and this energizes you beautifully.

10. By this stage, you align yourself with the divine and follow the path of unconditional love. You love deeply, and boundlessly. Your love germinates from within and reaches out the whole world around you. Mental peace is finally home. And that, my dear, is the most awakened you.

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