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5 Symptoms Saying That You Are Transcending 3D, And Ascending To 5D

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Did you ever have the sensation of being in two locations at the same time? Or have you felt like your mind was traveling through two distinct worlds at once? Also, have you sometimes felt a profound connection with the Universe?

As we are able to think, it means that we are even alive; however, that is the only thing that we know to be sure. All the other things are based on the personal perspective we have.

Our thoughts are potent as they have the ability to change our ways of seeing things. What will happen when we would have the ability to actually see behind the physical realms or some principle thoughts? Or what will happen if we actually feel some insurmountable link with people or everything else that surrounds us? Or, at the time we will stop feeling stuck and begin experiencing real freedom? Does it mean that we are transitioning to some other consciousness level?

These are the five signs which show that we outgrow 3D and we ascend to 5D life.

1. It is difficult for us to perform monotonous tasks without annoyance

Driving through the traffic jam is a real 3D. Small talks feel empty, as well as like a massive waste of valuable time for us. We look for depth in individuals, places or even experiences. We also dismiss a relationship which cannot give us that. We gently free those beings, with a lot of love, and we also attract some new relationships which are better for our new conscious awareness level.

2. Changes in our appetite appear

There is a decrease in our appetite, and we also notice that we are breathing deeper than usual. Food for humans can be contaminated in a lot of different ways, and our greater self would like to avoid any toxins. We start seeking whole and even entirely freshly harvested foods when it is possible, and we will find products from animal origin hard to digest. We would also want be active.

3. We become more Time-sensitive

The importance of time often changes. We will see that we can shorten or stretch it when we want. If we need one hour to just last more, we will learn how to make it longer with slowing down the vibration with our mind; however, if we want to shorten it, we should raise the wave that is around it, or even with adding quartz to the environment, and the time is going to pass more quickly.

4. Peace is all we desire.

We are not confronting people angrily or heatedly. We will realize that we can actually speak to them with establishing a communication with the greater selves of them and in that way resolve conflicts without any confrontation or interaction, only on the level of soul, in a better and more peaceful manner than we actually did – mainly when we are angry or upset.

5. Empathy overwhelms us.

We actually feel some kind of love for every human being – but, it is not a selfless kind of love. We feel some connection to every person, and in that way, we have profound compassion for even people that do not have the same views or perspectives as we do. We even develop profound compassion for those that have negative thoughts about other people or us, as we realize that they are actually trapped in some lower dimensions, and we also recall how we felt at those times – sad, stuck and afraid.

The 5D type of consciousness is actually filled with compassion, love, and even understanding. So, when in it, we actually radiate energies which feel like they are coming from some greater realms. And they actually do. With understanding and exploring how things are connected, such as people, the stars or the moon, and the earth, we will also notice what can just be felt.

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