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Three Things To Do This June To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

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The past couple of months have been rougher than usual. They were the months meant for self-alignment and orienting.

They were meant for you to not do much besides be a version that could cope with the changes around you.

However things are looking up this month. This month is not about adjusting and conforming to norms.

This June is all about you trying to be a more intense form of yourself that is a more saturated self, wherein all your better qualities are augmented and reflected back to others, like a diamond reflects light better and in all directions.

Self-improvement is something that all of us, including the best of us can work on. This is something that there is no shame in admitting.

This month will help you realize that aspect of your development. You will not necessarily change; but you will describe just what makes you, you, and work towards realising those characters better.

Here are three things that you can engage in, this June, in order to realise your truest essence and potential.

1. Be brutally honest

Give up all pretenses this month and concentrate on perceiving and denoting the truth that you perceive for everyone is a clear, transparent and honest manner.

Make sure you do not lie unless it benefits someone you love very much, and it does not harm anyone else in the process.

This will help you see exactly what your subconscious perspective is: this will in consequence make decision making far easier for you.

2. Do what you like

Chalk out a life path for yourself in clear and lucid language. Now map out points on the journey; milestones that you must achieve in order to see to the fact that you reach your goal in time. You will see that the shortest route is through things that you already love doing.

3. Write things down

Very elementary, but very important. Writing makes retention easier and in consequence makes your decisions sharper and far more intelligent. So try and implement these and become a far better version of yourself this month.

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