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6 Things To Understand To Spare Yourself From Regretting Later In Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Regret is something like a red and angry scar which appears in your psyche in order to remind you of everything that could have happened.

It will hang onto you, refusing to release you, carving itself onto your brain. Usually, you feel more regret for something you have not done instead of something you do.

However, regret, just like other lines of thinking, could be manipulated simply by some intentional perspective shifts. Various changes in how you live, make choices, and think, may help you avoid the chances of developing regret, and will help you repair negative experiences you wish you never had.

Here are the six things you can find useful when it comes to avoiding regret:

Understand what really matters.

When you do not know what you want, you make unreasonable decisions. You don’t have a direction or a guiding light in order to lessen or prevent negative outcomes. When you know your greatest desires will improve the chances of heading in a beneficial direction all the time.

Say yes frequently.

When choosing you are making two main decisions, one of them is the YES, while the other one is the NO. You have to focus on spending more time in saying YES, particularly to something you want, rather than focusing on something you don’t want and saying NO.

Develop a quality mindset instead of a quantity one.

You usually hear that in order to escape from regret, you need to travel frequently, have kids, get a particular degree, etc.; however, the formula does not exist. You have to remember that everything you do is not that significant as the way in which you do it. This means that you should always do everything with your entire soul and heart.

It is really important how you actually spend your valuable and precious time, so you have to choose your own actions with intent and purpose. Permit love, curiosity, and joy to be your guide in making decisions.

Never compare yourself with others.

This is a really important thing to remember. When you focus on the things that other people do and believing that everything they experience is better, you negate all your experiences. You fail to live your life to the highest. All this happens because of your envy about what other people seem to do.

You should never compare with others. In various cases, if you avoid the use of social media, you will feel more satisfied and content with your life, as you will not focus on what other people do.

Permit joy to be the dictator of your decisions and not fear.

The decisions you make out of fear are often defensive and reactionary. They can lead to regret easily. So, rather than going after something you need or want, you will try to avoid suffering and discomfort.

However, the decisions you will make from joy will almost never come to regret, even at times when you imagined another outcome. You should identify your reactions based on fear and all those beliefs which drive them, in order to release them.

Think of regret as the opportunity to learn.

Since your decisions will lead you closer to living the life that you always wanted, you can utilize them as feedback. You all come into this world inexperienced. Error and trial are the single way in which you will learn best all that you need.

Understanding them better can take some specific time; however, every experience will teach you something about the person you are, and the person you could be.

You will feel regret when you realize that you were giving your life away to things or people who are not worth it.

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