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10 Steps How To Counter Manipulate A Sociopath Intelligently

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A sociopath is a person who has a false sense of superiority over others. They believe that they are the most brilliant and smartest people in the universe.

Sociopaths see others as objects they can use for their own benefits, a similar trait that we find with narcissists. Both of which employ manipulation to get what they want.

In reality, they are not much smarter than an empath.

Empaths are very much grounded and achieve things through their creativity and effort.

Unlike empaths, sociopaths and narcissists lack creative and abstract thinking. They don’t have the ability to grasp reality properly.

If you find yourself caught in a manipulative situation with a sociopath, you have the ability to counter manipulate them the way empaths do.

How to spot a sociopath:

Intelligent empaths counter manipulate a narcissist or sociopath using nonviolent strategies. They do it with ease and awareness.

But before going to that, let’s take a look at how to spot a sociopath in a social setting.

A sociopath’s strength lies in memorizing their knowledge. They love trivia, remember specific dates, have an advanced vocabulary or may use literary references of unknown or less known people.

They employ these strategies to make themselves look having high levels of I.Q.

The best way to spot a sociopath is their lack of empathy mixed with manipulative behavior, a need to control and desire to look highly intelligent.

Whenever you meet these criteria be on high alert!

The Intelligent Way to Counter Manipulate A Sociopath

When the need to counter manipulate a sociopath is necessary, do the following strategy:

1. The moment sociopaths start to show off their prowess with vocabulary, stop them in mid sentence. With a neutral facial expression, ask them what the word was.

2. Pull your phone and ask them to spell the word for you. This time turning your gaze away from their face to your phone.

3. If they ignore you and continue to speak, hold your finger up without looking up at them. Tell them to hold for a second and spell the word for you.

4. This way, they will disengage because sociopaths don’t like it when they feel others are in control.

5. Ask them further what’s the definition of the word, still without getting your eyes off your phone.

6. If you’re lucky and they will give you a lot of answers, go to dictionary.com and choose one definition that is different from what they’re talking about.

7. Tell them their definition is not what the word really means, still without looking at them.

8. By this, they may change the topic or ask you a different question.

9. When they do, continue reading your phone and tell them you find the word interesting and are going to wiki it, still not looking up.

10. At this point, they are likely to disengage because you haven’t made an eye contact for 2 to 3 minutes.

The above strategy, known as triangulation, is an effective tactic in getting sociopaths to disengage voluntarily. You triangulate a third person or thing to distract the abuser.

But, beware!

Sociopaths are vindictive beings who might do things that you might not like. They couldn’t stand to be corrected and may hate you for leveling up a dominance over them.

If you cannot triangulate them, do as much as you can to avoid them. But if they continue on pissing you off, and there’s no other way to put a stop to their abusive behavior, then it’s time you put a barrier between you and them.

If the person you are about to counter manipulate is known for violent behaviors, it is wise to exercise extra caution.

Taking self-care does not have to be at your own risk.

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