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The 5 Stages Of Pain The Twin Flames Go Through When They Are Apart

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by Conscious Reminder

The relationship between twin flames can be an intense and unique experience which may be emotional, spiritually or physically rewarding for every person that is involved.

However, it is not without difficulties. Just like the love a person feels for his or her twin flame, which is nearly unbearably intense, the pain when they are separated can be with the same intensity.

But, fortunately, there are certain ways which will help this process of separation and relieve the pain:

1. Understand the separation.

Usually, twin flames pass through the phase of ‘runner and chaser,’ at different periods and for various reasons.

In fact, this process is quite a normal one in which one of the twin flames starts denying that relationship. They do not possess metaphysical tools for dealing with such experiences, and that’s why they run. So, the other one will understand this process, but he or she will nevertheless be heartbroken.

When both of them know that it is something normal, it may give them the strength and hope they need in order to get through their separation.

2. Experiencing soul shock.

Both of the twin flames are going to experience this soul shock, which is something like heartbreak on steroids. For the twin flame which is the chaser in the relationship, it will be important to understand this soul shock, so to then surrender himself or herself to it, just for some time.

Experiencing such emotions and expressing them is healthy. However, they have to be really attentive not to wallow in that experience; when they finally dealt with their soul shock, they have to try to make peace with it.

3. Working on themselves.

This is the stage of their relationship, meant for some final preparations. They have to utilize their time when they are apart in order to do some work on the needs of their souls and build their confidence again.

Sitting around will not make any use, but simply growing as individuals is going to reunite them together.

4. Trusting each other.

Sometimes, it may be tempting and frustrating to blame each other for their separation – after all, one is the chaser, while the other is the runner, so it is obvious.

However, it is not their fault at all. One of them will do the same things as the other did, and they will grow into individuals they have to be in order to fulfill the promise they made each other.

One of them should trust the other that he or she will come back when they feel prepared – and also believe that they would like to be ready, even when they are not aware of it yet.

5. Surrendering to our Universe.

In the end, they will come to the point in which during the separation, they will simply let go the process and believe the Universe.

They have to remember that patience is the great virtue, and having it during this period will be entirely necessary.

They are going to reunite, but not when they would like to. Hopefully, this is going to bring them respite from all the pain because of the separation.

It will be easier for them to deal with that pain when they know that there is definitely a plan or a destiny which they are going to fulfill together. After all, the soul shock is going to be helpful when they ascend with each other.

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