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True Twin Love Brings Freedom

by consciousreminder
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Ask any millennial about what is their idea of love. One of the components would definitely be attachment and being co-dependent.

Now most of us are mistaken into believing that being in love means that you solely depend on the other. This is what we’ve got wrong.

True Love is the absolute opposite of attachment and possessiveness. It means to be free. To choose whoever and whatever you want to choose.

If you feel obliged to stay with someone, because of some misplaced sense of loyalty- don’t confuse it with love.

True Love doesn’t put you in boundaries. It doesn’t restrict or control. It lets you be whoever you want to be.

The moment it starts feeling like there are some invisible do’s and don’ts that you need to follow, it is not love. True love will never undermine your individuality.

If your partner makes you feel like you owe them your loyalty, they aren’t your twin flame for sure. Karmic soulmate is a more viable possibility in such a case.

A twin flame relationship gives space for growth. It doesn’t bound you to that one person. True love is a love which has no expectations and obligations.

It doesn’t need constant reminders or assurance for it to feel real. The Romantic notion of love never gives you a choice, you are only doing what you’ve been told to do- either by your partner or the society. That is where the expectations and the attachment come from.

True love respects the will of the individual. It doesn’t mean that I am with a person because I have to be with them to be happy.

It is always a choice, the reason I am with someone is because I want to be with them. True love therefore doesn’t restrict. It doesn’t fades away if there is no physical proximity.

True Love doesn’t depend on some written conditions to exist. It just is. It isn’t about ownership. It is about the choice to belong with someone, not to them.

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1 comment

Vannara January 27, 2020 - 11:19 pm

I wish everybody on this planet read this and understand definition of love.


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