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This Is What 2022 Gemini Season Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of the twins is here. Be prepared for what it might bring for your sign with the following horoscopes:


Gemini season has several gifts that you can obtain provided you can let go of control. This will be extra powerful during the period of the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th. It seems like quite a few teachers are heading your way so be receptive to messages.


This season will be the ideal time to be a bit more attentive to your body and its needs. Try to balance our exercise and relaxation using Gemini energy. The May 30th New moon will be powerful and may just introduce you to a fresh career opportunity. Just be sure to not do anything against your wishes or undeserving of you.


It is birthday season! If your birthday is in close proximity to the New Moon then the year will be all about new beginnings. On the other hand, if it is closer to the Full Moon on June 14th, then expect endings and completions to feature more. With your ruler Mercury being in a backspin for the majority of this season, it will be vital to remain patient and move slowly.


The season’s first half might be a time for building up energy by retreating and recovering. If there have been any recent transformations then spend ample time integrating them. However, after the New Moon, things will start lightening up. Pay close attention to the words of your intuition and maximize spiritual growth to make the most out of this season.


If you have been pushing through stuff recently, then this season’s first half will be more of the same. However, when June arrives, all that hard work will start paying off. Avoid letting your ego get the better of you. Thoroughly think over a decision before going ahead with it. June 14th’s Full Moon will be a glow-up moment.


Mercury retrograde may have been making you feel confused regarding your next step in life. Just wait it out a bit until June arrives. Everything will become much easier to see and navigate. A fresh career opportunity may head your way on May 30th.


The past few Eclipses may have been extremely transformative for you. The Gemini New Moon will infuse you with confidence about this fresh chapter in life. The journey may need you to have an accepting mind.


Gemini season is going to be a well-deserved break from all that you have been going through recently. As we approach May 30th, things will be much more settled. You will also be able to return to the center much easier. The focus should be on making your energy and yourself grounded.


This season, the spotlight is going to be on the relationships that you have. It may help in deepening some or maybe setting up some healthy boundaries in others. Communication is the priority but be careful with it since Mercury is in retrograde.


The Gemini energy is encouraging you to spend time being social with your family and friends. Prioritize having deep conversations with the people you love. Socializing might seem like a bother at first, but near the season’s end, there will be heaps of success.


This is the season when you need to organize and order your affairs. If you are dealing with a cluttered mind, then use this season’s energy to produce a bit of stillness. The energy is perfect for taking up yoga or meditation practice.


There is a bit of reprieve from the Eclipse energy during this season. This season will be a great time to contemplate the fears shackling you and confront them. The Gemini New Moon might also offer you a chance to begin afresh.

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