4 Common Relationship Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Toxic

There are few toxic behaviors that many people think are part and parcel of a normal relationship.

But just because we see it happen everywhere doesn’t make it right. Keep reading to find out what these habits are.

Here are four relationship habits you didn’t realize were toxic:

1. Projecting blame

Almost all of us are stressed out at some point or the other and most of us deal with it in unhealthy ways.

Many keep it all tucked in and start blaming their partners even though they have done nothing wrong.

We might not intend to hurt them but that doesn’t make it right. It is important to be self-aware and think twice before saying anything.

2. Not giving your partner enough attention

Quite a few people are just not open about their emotions and this gets in the way of their relationships.

When you know you often end up distancing yourself, make the effort to open up to your partner, let them know they are loved and do things that make them happy.

If you don’t do this, your partner will begin to resent you or you will begin to resent them and after a point you will not be able to save your relationship.

3. Clinging

The habit of being much too dependent on one’s partner is one that is often ignored till there is nothing that can be done about it.

It is important that both parties in a relationship have the space to live their lives in their own way while still moving in tandem with each other. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and take a moment away from each other.

4. ‘Loving’ jealousy

This is what happens when one person in the relationship starts obsessing over what the other person is doing and who they are meeting. They’ll become controlling and claim that it is because of their strong feelings for their partner.

Some believe that this is just a way of showing affection but this is going to get old really fast. It is important to trust each other if you want to be in a relationship that is not toxic.

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