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Trusting In Events That Happen: ‘Why Is This Happening To Me?’

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Questions for self!  Why is this happening to me?  What does this mean for me?  What is next?  

These questions and many more are being asked of the ego-mind on a minute by minute basis, if we are unable to detach ourselves from the brains processing, and enjoy what actually is happening in our lives.  Whilst this may seem a rather bizarre perspective, please take a minute or to think about what is being asked, and the importance of it to what may happen.  When we constantly raise a question about our life journey, this means we are in need of an answer, which is (in my opinion) an ego-mind process.  This quest for an answer can sometimes cloud the knowledge or the answer that is already contained within our own heart and soul.

Simply being able to enjoy the moments of each day as they occur will leave us in awe and surprise, and perhaps at some point allow us to really appreciate that we are incredible beings.  There are no coincidences! What our soul desires will always be presented in a myriad of ways, and it is only the ego-mind that will seek to question what is it all about.  There is a reason things or situations happen, whether it be to bring our attention to something we have to heal or overcome, or to make us aware that we are on the right path.  Our true essence is to bring about change in our life or thought processes (programming or societal programming) so that we may achieve what is for our highest good.  There is no harm is sharing the events with others to gain a deeper understanding, or another perspective.  To constantly ask why, when and how is an attachment to the outcome.

Harmony Of Energies!

Living the moment allows us to fully experience what is actually going on, it allows us to cry or laugh, sink or swim.  It allows us to be completely vulnerable and appreciate the very aspect of what is happening.  As our hours, days and weeks unfold, we are aware of all that has happened in our own life.  The road map is very clear from that perspective, but if we search for answers (that are already within) we begin bring the living moment into a lower vibration.  We shall appreciate everything that is happening no matter its meaning or purpose, it is what it is.  We have to go through many aspects of ourselves, and that of others so we can get to a point of harmony with energies around us.

When we begin to focus on events of others, we again, give away our energy and shift our focus, and whilst this may seem a selfish act, in reality it is not.  We can offer compassion, empathy and guidance to others, but we should not accept responsibility for what happens, or to place any expectation to what could be.  Support of our fellow man at a time of need is part of our natural instinct – this is clear in all mammals.  But as we see in other mammals, there comes a point where even the staunchest of mammals will turn away because it can do no more.  Perhaps, we as a species have lost sight of this, there has to be an element of survival in the darkest of situations.

Co-dependency is an easy way to rely on others to solve issues or situations in life.  Dependency on self, requires us to be strong and resilient in all that we do.  Being brave to overcome a fear, saying no, cutting ties or even walking away, are in a lot of cases the only way forward.  Some may say being cruel to be kind, but this is part of the journey of life.  It is the circle of life, and we only have to watch some Disney movies to be reminded of this, or to watch a National Geographic documentary on how whales live in the wild.

Breaking Patterns!

Living with expectations will not bring about the change.  Being given answers and solutions without doing the necessary work, will not bring about change.  Being shown what to do without doing it yourself will not bring about change.  Learning through experience and being aware of what has led to the experience will bring insight and wisdom.  Sharing experience as an example will help others to see the possibilities that can happen if the work is done.  Breaking patterns will bring about change in a big way, no matter what the ego-mind says.  It is the breaking and shattering of these ideals and templates created by others that need to be implemented into our daily life.  If we follow a poor example it will only lead to a failure of some description, this is clearly visible in our life today.  If we follow a good example and practice the new, we can only expand and grow, this is evolution of all species.

We shall not feel bad or guilty for doing things that simply don’t sit right within us. There should be no fear of consequences in anything that you do in this life.  It is only fear that lowers vibration, and smothers our true potential.  We can see this clearly over the past 40 years how society has changed in its approach to so many things.  So many new standards and forced changes simply to suit a purpose that is not conducive with human expansion, it is simply to benefit a few in the name of greed or profit.  It is time to break these patterns, to allow your heart and soul to truly flourish and feel the love that you are.

Events Unfold!

From a personal perspective I am in awe what has happened in the past days, weeks and months…there is a picture that I can create if I so wish, but that takes away the very awesomeness of the experience.  I smile and laugh at everything that I see, or am reminded of, acknowledging to the Universe that I have got the message.  Appreciating the return energy for what I have transmitted myself, without it leading to wanting to know its purpose.  I admit it has been a difficult aspect to overcome the quest for answers, but today the answer is not important, the experience is!!  Events this past week have allowed me to close a book on certain aspects of my life, and this makes way for the new to flow back in.

The fact that some of the new relates to a part of my past, can only be the beginning of a new situation.  Before closing the book I had been resisting for whatever reason, no doubt because of ego, but please believe me, the new is so exciting and fresh.  So don’t be afraid to close those books that need to, and to allow the Universe to bring in that queue of new energies that come with it all.  Believe me the horizon is ever changing and what is there today will most definitely be different tomorrow.

Natural Flow!

Allow events to unfold, in a natural way, you will be left in awe as to what happens when you fully surrender to all that is.  It has taken a lot of hard work, awareness, exploring the deepest shadows, cracks and crannies, as well as an acknowledgement of self to reach this place.   For many it is a lot more difficult, this is why I will always share my own experience as an example.  There will always be situations that appear insurmountable but nothing is impossible.  Having a strong awareness of all that has been learned, will open the door to the knowledge and wisdom you have carried for eons.  It will open the doors that have been left ajar, and you will be able to tap into the infinite resources of self and the Universe.

When something happens smile and enjoy it and let go of any potential outcome or expectation for that will take you back to an ego-mind perspective.  By laughing you are acknowledging to your own inner powers, and giving thanks to the Universe for bringing the message or sign, no matter its meaning.  As more and more reach this stage of complete faith and no fear, the more we will raise the vibrations of Gaia.  We are creating the change we desire in our own lives, but also in that of others we interact with, this produces the ripple effect and complete change in all.  Take the driving seat today, and let the back seat drivers out of the car!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be walking alongside and with you…until the next time!

Bio – Deane experienced a physical relationship with his Divine counterpart, spending nearly 4 years together.  This lead to his own awakening and breaking of the veils of illusion. He has healed and grown spiritually, he now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates. For further details about his work please visit http://www.askdeano.com

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