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How To Know That You Are Emotionally Wise

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Wisdom and intelligence don’t always come through marks, grades, and books. Sometimes, you can be emotionally intelligent too.

This means, that you have a good understanding of how emotions work, and you know how to interact with people to bring out the best in them. Emotional intelligence can be accrued even if you are an illiterate person, because this comes from the heart.

1. You have this wish, this desire to get in touch with new people. You like knowing strangers, learning about their lives, getting to understand them as human beings, and partaking in the brotherhood of humanity.

2. Good leaders are plenty, but great leaders are few. What differentiates a great leader from a good leader is not always their cognitive reasoning and quick thinking. It is also, at times, how good are they with understanding people around them, and inspiring in them the zeal to do better. This is emotional intelligence.

3. An emotionally attuned person knows his pros and cons. He knows where he is strong, and where he comes off as weak. What is necessary is the belief that if you are confident in your abilities, you will always utilize that to your advantage.

4. You can’t expect others to listen to you, if you don’t listen to them. Paying attention is tantamount to being emotionally intelligent. You need to listen. This will make you a good orator, and also would endear the person to you, hence serving both points. This will make you a social person and would upgrade your standing.

5. An emotional person is always in touch with their feelings. They know exactly what they feel and when. Almost reminiscent to an empath, they know what to tap, to feel something, and when to tap that. They can’t be taken advantage of, for they know their feelings.

6. An emotionally intelligent person is friends with everyone around them. They can deal with it, because their feelings and emotions are attuned to the world outside, and hence, they can easily decipher or understand a human based on what they are feeling now.

7. You have a strong moral code. You know what is right, and what is not. You are scrupulous to the point, that your feelings make a wall when you want to do something that goes beyond your ethics.

8. You are always free for people. This is what makes you such a good person to them. You know exactly how it feels when others aren’t free for you, so you try to be free for them, whenever you can.

9. You understand and can explain someone very easily.

10. You always rise, after you fall. You know that failures are the stepping stones to success.

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