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Your Crown Chakra Is Awakening If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Signs

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Crown Chakra. Never heard of the term?

Well, it is also called the hissing snake because if it is active, you might hear a strange hissing sound in your ears.

Strange, right?

So what is this Crown Chakra?

It is said to be a part of the head which basically provides energy to the body and helps to activate and strengthen the other chakras. It is commonly linked with the violet color and it is located just a few inches above your head.

Awakening of the Crown Chakra may result in causing the following symptoms:

1) Body Pain and Headache:

You may suffer from itchiness on your head, weird sensations on your neck or unusual sleep patterns. All of this happens because the body is grappling with the new changes that the awakening of the crown chakra causes. This means that for a long time the body was used to processing thoughts, ideas, beliefs and time in a certain way. But the awakening of the crown chakra changes all of these mechanisms. The physical evidence of this is headaches and body pains that might be caused due to unusual sleep cycles.

2) Detachment:

The desire to be alone is one of the most common symptoms of this process. Because of the rapid changes happening within you, you will feel the urge to be more alone and spend more time by yourself. You will enjoy your company far more than being in groups. This change is only inevitable.

3) Food Habits Change:

Food habits may change drastically. While some people observe a loss in appetite during this process, other people find themselves craving for cleaner food. This means that some people are even seen switching from the non- vegetarian diet to the vegetarian or even the vegan diet regime.

4) Sleep pattern gets affected:

Your sleep pattern will change for sure. This is because you will find yourself more at peace. You will enjoy a full and peaceful sleep and this will result in making you happier.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

(Also, maybe these symptoms indicate some other medical problem. In that case, you should consult your doctor.)

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