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These 6 Ways Will Help You To Invite More Love Into Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Love is limitless. When we open ourselves to notice it and receive it, we will always be able to feel it. But, how can every one of us start in order to reach more profound levels of connection and affection?

These are the six ways which will help us call for extra love into our lives:

1. Accept the love which we already have.

Accepting and appreciating everything we already have will be a significant part of manifesting. So, we have to look around us and see the love which already exists, surrounding us. We should think of everyone that makes us feel loved. That can be our co-worker, or a friend, or also the barista that makes us coffee every morning with care. Regardless of the person, we should send him or her energetic thanks.

2. We should reach out.

Maybe a long time passed since we returned the phone calls of our mom or we were passing on the invitations of our friends in order to meet up with them and reconnect. On a daily basis, our Universe gives us the chance to connect with other people – however, it is all up to us to reach out our hand and catch the love which was extended in front of us.

3. Come out of our zone of comfort.

The famous Albert Einstein once said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

When we feel that our levels of passion, connection and love are dwindling, we should definitely try something different and new. For instance, taking writing classes, going to the party on which we will know just one person, are some of the things we would like to start anew. So, we should come out of our zone of comfort and put ourselves out there – this means even when we don’t meet our soulmate, there is a chance we will make new friends in our life.

4. We should love ourselves.

We cannot fully receive or give love until we learn how to love ourselves first. Self-love is far beyond taking bubble baths or drinking wine. Truly loving ourselves means doing what seems right and good for us, our mind, body and spirit – also, it means paying attention to our needs without feeling fear of expressing them. We should know that we deserve to be loved, both from ourselves and from other people.

5. Practicing kindness.

Kindness is definitely one powerful love form, which means to step outside of ourselves in order to bring some light to others. We should think of the ways of showing kindness. For instance, we can give a compliment, make dinner, or send our friends unexpected and sweet messages. Even just a small gesture may make a huge difference. Putting love into this world means that it will quickly return to us.

6. Letting go of our past.

Every one of us has probably sometimes ruminated on some old flames, asking if we will have the ability to feel the same love level once again. The answer is yes, we can – however, love cannot flow into our lives if we are not prepared to give it a little space. Calling for more love means leaving our past behind and opening ourselves to different and new love forms. If we ever had our heart broken, it is a sign that we are able to love again. Love is always going to be there, but only if we are prepared.

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