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Recognize The Behaviors Typical Of An Authentic Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

Empathy is a rare gift that very few people possess. It represents the power to realize and experience other people’s emotions and sympathize with them. It’s the quality to be kind. If people think that empaths are weak; that is not true at all. Empaths have a unique kind of behavior which makes them different from others. Are you an empath? Here are 11 behaviors of an empath. Read them and find out:

1. Highly sensitive

When you see others get hurt, you cannot help but feel it deep within yourself. It does not matter where it is happening and to whom, the intensity is the same and it makes you want to help.

2. People Around you might drain you.

People who are hypocrite and who have inner conflicts get to you. The lower vibrations that come out of them are bad for you. People can be draining for you and you need time to recharge.

3. You love nature.

You love nature. You are drawn to it. The most calming feeling for you is when you are in the middle of nature. You feel at home in nature and you love staying with animals.

4. You are a lie detector.

Lying triggers emotions in you that are far too familiar to you. You can easily read through a person when they are lying. No manipulation can trick you into thinking that someone is telling the truth.

5. You absorb other people’s energy.

It is extremely powerful but draining as well. The energy that emits from other people around you can often engulf you and make you feel rejuvenated and happy or completely sad.

6. You love alone time.

Because you feel too drained after experience everyone’s energy you love alone time. These moments of seclusion helps you recharge and calm your mind.

7. You are a magnet for broken hearts.

Empaths are healers and broken hearts flock to you automatically to heal themselves. They sense your healing energy and your good vibes which they need.

8. Emotional healer.

Emotions are beautiful and also poisionus. When they become poisinous, for those around you, you know how to transfer their energy into a positive phase that can heal. But be careful of those toxic people who only take away energy.

9. You have an awesome intuition.

You have a pinpoint accurate intuition. It is difficult to acquire but you have that. It is not just a gut feeling or a hunch. Your intuition is a guide to things you do and desire. It helps you discover truths and unravel into the essence of everything.

10. Your living scenario affects you greatly.

You are influenced by your environment. Messy and dirty places trigger emotions in you that are unpleasant. And you cannot help feel affected by certain things which radiate negative energy and you enjoy places with natural flow of energy.

11. You don’t give importance to your own life.

As a healer you often forget to think about your life. You are so engaged in helping others that you forget yourself. This leads to chaos in your head. Remember that you cannot give from an empty vessel. Focus on yourself and stay healthy.

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