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The July 31st Leo New Black Supermoon Will Be All About Patience

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming Leo New Moon on the 31st of July 2019 is located near Venus which is squared with Uranus.

Both love and challenge will enter our lives and we might be in for a stressful and anxious time as life will become quite unpredictable.

This new moon also represents the coming together of two stars known as the Ascelli which are located in Cancer. The stars are impatient and full of aggression. So it is necessary for us to learn patience and cooperation in order to be prepared.

The Meaning Of The New Moon

An ending, as well as a new beginning, the Moon in conjunction with the Sun, brings with it a sense of rejuvenation. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to turn the page and start afresh. Look critically at your life at the moment and think about how you can make it better and move forward.

Astrological Importance Of The New Moon

At 8°36′ Leo Sign, this New Moon is near Venus and this brings with it a measure of positivity as Venus blesses us with affection and prosperity. But squaring up with Uranus, it also throws a challenge into our lives. The biggest influences of this new moon period are going to be the Venus and Uranus squared with each other.

Aspects Of The New Moon

In conjunction with Venus, the New Moon is going to direct its radiance at your romance, money, and artistry. Pick up some new hobbies, go out and mingle with people, and go on a few dates. You’ll feel more open with your emotions but this will also make you more vulnerable to getting hurt.

Venus opens the creative eye and your redecorating will go well but be careful that you don’t overindulge with impulse purchases.

Being squared with Uranus brings an aspect of challenge into this New Moon. Its influence makes us reckless and life is going to take some unexpected twists and turns. Let this lead you into picking up new endeavors that you might have otherwise been too scared to take.

Through the square of Venus with Uranus, you’ll become more adventurous when it comes to romance. Ensure that you and your partner are on the same page and don’t hesitate to experiment with each other in bed.

However the intensity of these emotions are short-lived so if you’re meeting someone new, it most likely won’t last in the long run.

£Important Stars Of The New Moon

Since it is located in Cancer near both Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis or the two Donkeys (together called the Asellis), the influence of the New Moon opens up our eyes to the problems in the world around us and gives us the drive to contribute to helping others.

However, these stars are also incredibly aggressive so we might feel pushed into acting rashly and putting ourselves in danger. It is important that we focus this energy into our work and let success be the distraction. We need to cooperate with each other if we wish to weather this aspect.

In Conjunction With The Aselli

Due to the influence of the Sun, the Aselli cause a rise in violent quarrels and accidents. In conjunct with the Moon, they cause illness and pain.

But these stars also heighten our intuition and make us more observant. Our intuitive gifts manifest in our art and all we need to do is be patient if we wish to see results.


Love and career are going to be in the spotlight for the coming month. Life will be unpredictable and tense. We need to expect the unexpected at all times.

All the aspects together make us rash and rebellious so we must learn to be patient and cooperative in order to not break any bonds. Practice calming techniques like meditation.

We’ll feel the influence of this upcoming New Moon till the next one on the 30th of August. Start writing your new story and pick up all kinds of exciting new ventures.

The Moon will wax from the 31st of July till the Full Moon on the 15th of August.

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