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The One Thing You Do To Show The World You’re In Love, Based On Astrology

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Some people are prone to falling in love faster and harder than others. That being said, everyone is affected in some way by the feelings of love.

It’s nearly impossible to be in love and not have your feelings show to the world around you. In some cases, love can make us act differently than we normally would, can be seen on the smile we wear on our face, can be shown through our doting on our significant other, or perhaps through our excitement of showing off our significant other all through telling all our friends about them.

While it is common that we have more than one tell-tale sign that we are in love, some signs are more prominent than others. Looking to the stars, our zodiac signs can offer a better understanding as to some of our more expressive forms of showing our love. We all share generalized personality traits with not only our zodiac sign, but with the signs that share the same element as ours, as well. By taking a look at our zodiac sign we can better understand how we show the world we are in love, or at the very least better understand how our significant other shows the world that they are in love as well. Remember, we may show off being in love through multiple means, however, our zodiac sign reveals how our more dominant means of expressing that love.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Do Not Hide Their Feelings

The Fire signs are some the boldest signs in the zodiac. They exude confidence, charismatic, and are straightforward. That’s why there’s no beating around the bush when it comes to proving their love. Once they know they’re in love, there is no shying away from their feelings. Fire signs not only will show the person they love just how deep their feelings are, but will also show the world through their constant attention, dedication and devotion to the relationship. The Fire signs will let everyone know how they feel through their words, and actions. From declaring their love to running away together, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the least likely to hide their feelings. When one of these signs are in love, everyone knows it!

Aries: Will Tell Everyone How In Love They Are

Aries are confident and self-assured. They can also be very boisterous too. This especially comes out when they are in love. Let’s face it Aries, when you fall in love you want everyone to know it. And why wouldn’t you? You’re usually the one to pursue the relationship, in the first place. A challenge doesn’t scare you, and you are confident enough to go for what you want, and will never shy away from it. So, when you do end up with a person you love, you can’t help but to tell everyone how amazing they are. Not only do you tell everyone about your relationship, you are sure to share just how happy you are to be in love. Aries, when you fall in love you want everyone to know it!

Leo: Becomes Very Affectionate

There’s no denying that Leo’s love attention. So it comes as no surprise that when a Leo falls in love, it shows through the constant attention they give to and receive from their significant other. One evident sign comes from how affectionate a Leo gets when in love. From simple acts such as handholding, to leaning your head on their shoulder, to kissing in public a Leo’s love is shown through their affection. And those born under this sign sure have an affectionate side, don’t ya Leo? As a Leo, you often feel the need to be as close as you can get to the person you love. When you fall in love, the world knows it, as you seem to forgo all personal boundaries with your significant other.

Sagittarius: Will Run Off On An Adventure Together

Not many signs share the same love of adventure as a Sagittarius. Sometimes this adventurous side causes them to put love on the back burner. So, when a Sagittarius meets someone who can keep up with their adventurous lifestyle, best believe that is a relationship worth pursuing for them. Loving their freedom above all else, you’ll know that a Sagittarius has fallen in love when they settle into a committed relationship. However, as a Sagittarius in love, you’re more likely to celebrate your newfound love by running off on some sort of adventure with your significant other. There’s no doubting you’re in love when you whisk yourself and your partner away to enjoy life together. From action filled weekends, to last minute vacation plans, you show off your love by enjoying life with your special someone by your side!

Earth Signs (Taurus,Virgo, Capricorn): Show How Special Their Significant Other Is

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn all share the common traits found in Earth signs. These traits include being a source of stability and security, having long-term goals and working hard to achieve those goals, as well as never willing to settle. This means it’s not hard to tell when an Earth sign is in love. Let’s face it, they wouldn’t waste their or someone else’s time if their feelings weren’t real. More than that, however, when one of the Earth signs falls in love, they will show the world just has special their significant other is. This means they will post numerous pictures with their partner, be able to recite every little detail about their love’s life, and drop everything in order to put their significant other above all else. You earth signs go all out to show the world your love.

Taurus: Will Show Off Their Love

Taurus normally aren’t the flashy or showy type of people. That doesn’t mean they don’t like to indulge in the luxuries of life, they just aren’t about showing it off. However, Taurus, that showy side tends to come out when you’re in love, doesn’t it? When you fall in love you want the world to know it. You’ll take tons of pictures with your love and upload quite a few of them to all your social media platforms. Not only that, you’ll bring your significant other out and about just so others can see what a happy couple you are. Normally, you’re a sign that likes to keep your life as is, so adding a relationship into your life can be a bit intimidating for you at first. Which is why you tend to show off your significant other as soon as you realize you’re in love.

Virgo: Remembers All The Little Things

Virgo strives to be a perfectionist. They never leave things to chance and are always set on giving their all to everything they do. That being said, when a Virgo falls in love, they will dedicate that same amount of attention to detail to their significant other. If there’s one thing that can’t be said about a Virgo is that you don’t put the time and energy into a relationship. When you fall in love you will know everything about your partner, from likes to dislikes, from hobbies and quirks. You fall in love with a person for who they are, for all their good and their mistakes. You take the time to get to know your partner inside and out, and that shows the word how in love you are!

Capricorn: Will Drop Everything To Make Time For Their Sweetheart

As a sign, Capricorn is a very hardworking. As a Capricorn you are goal and career driven and will do whatever it takes to complete a task you set your mind to. Love might not always be a top priority for a Capricorn, but once they fall in love, the entire world knows it. A Capricorn in love will undoubtedly make their relationship a top priority in their life. Capricorn generally keep a very busy schedule, however, you will drop everything and go running in order to be there for your partner. You may have good time management skills and usually keep everything right on schedule, but that doesn’t apply to your sweetheart. You don’t keep a schedule with them, because you want to spend as much time together as possible!

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Act Uncharacteristically

It is very obvious when an Air sign is in love. People belonging to zodiac signs that share the air element, show the world that they are in love by acting uncharacteristically. Now, this doesn’t mean that they change who they are. In fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth! However, Air signs will show off a side of them that they normally wouldn’t show. They may become more talkative about their feelings, or become super romantic in their thoughts and actions. The world knows an Air sign is in love because they begin to do things they normally wouldn’t as love becomes their leading emotion. Love brings out the best in people, and this is especially true for Air signs.

Gemini: Can’t Stop Talking About Them

Gemini, you’re probably the most talkative sign in the entire zodiac. It’s just part of your social nature. While it’s not unusual for you to be a talkative person, your tell-tale sign for being in love is constantly talking about your love. Normally, you will talk about anything and everything, however, when you are in love the majority of your conversations tend to shift to being mainly about your partner and your relationship. Gemini don’t always fall in love easily. You like your freedom and love to interact with different people. That’s why when you do fall in love, it becomes a big part of your life and a topic you can’t help but to share with anyone who will listen!

Libra: Becomes Super Romantic

A Libra in love is no secret. When you fall in love, you show off just how big of a romantic at heart you are! For the most part, you’re a pretty go with the flow kind of sign. Falling in love isn’t always a priority for you. You tend to believe in doing your own thing and then if you find love then you find love. But, oh, when you do fall in love you tend to throw your all into the relationship. Romantic gifts, and gestures become second nature to you as you constantly find new ways to woo and make your partner feel special. No gesture is too big or too grand when it comes to your love, and the world definitely takes note!

Aquarius: Will Introduce Their Love To The Other Important People In Their Lives

As an Aquarius, you tend to love your freedom. You love to live your life, and do what you want when you want. For that reason, falling in love is rare for you. You don’t give your heart away that easily. That being said, when you do fall in love you jump all in. After all, it really takes a special someone in order to win your heart. Everyone knows when you’ve found this special someone because you begin introducing your new love to all the other important people in your life. Since you don’t fall in love easily, you tend not to bring a new person around all that frequently. When you’re in love, though, you’ll want to introduce your partner to all your family and friends. And that shows the world that you are really falling in love!

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Wear Their Emotions On Their Face

Some people are more prone to wearing their hearts on their sleeves than others. For Water signs, this is especially true. Water signs are highly in tune with their emotions. People born under the water element, feel all their emotions very strongly. And love is no exception! It’s actually pretty obvious that water signs are in love, because they tend to be an open book. Not only are they open with their feelings, they also wear their emotions for the world to see. From their smile, to their facial expressions, to the light in their eyes, Water signs emotions are evidently displayed on their face. There is no hiding the fact that they are in love, it is evident to the world when a Water sign is in love!

Cancer: Walks Around With A Permanent Smile

Cancer, you’re probably one of the most, if not the most, emotional sign of the zodiac. Everything you feel, you feel deeply. For that reason, falling in love can sometimes be a scary thing for you. However, nothing makes you quite as happy as falling and being in love. When you do fall in love you tend to tell the world how happy you are. For the most part, you don’t even have to tell the world how happy you are though! The world already knows because it is written all across your face! Particularly, it is evident in your smile. When you are in love, Cancer, you show off a thousand watt smile, that seems to be permanently plastered to your face!

Scorpio: Becomes Super Protective

Scorpio, you tend to have quite the reputation for becoming possessive and obsessive when you fall in love. That may or may not be the case, however, one thing that is for sure is how your protective nature comes out when you are in love. Everyone knows you’re in love, Scorpio, based on how protective over your partner you become. No one, messes with your love. You will do everything in your power to help your partner succeed and get what they want, regardless of who stands in the way. Your determination is evident on your face, which generally is enough to make people know you mean business. No one wants to cross you, Scorpio. However, while you fiercely protect your love, you can also be sweet as sugar when it’s just you and your partner together!

Pisces: Eyes Light Up When They’re With Their Love

Pisces are highly sensitive and emotional. Not only do they feel deeply, but they are also very in touch with the feelings of others. Being so connected to emotions it’s no wonder that when you fall in love it’s expressed in everything you do. In fact, one of the biggest telltales that you, Pisces, are in love is the look in your eyes. That’s right, the whole world can tell you’re in love, simply by looking into your eyes. Your love reflects through the sparkle in your eyes whenever you’re around your significant other and even the thought of your relationship will brighten your eyes. There’s no hiding the fact that you’re in love Pisces ladies, so soak it all in and just enjoy it!

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