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The Best Way To Save Yourself From An Emotional Vampire

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by Conscious Reminder

The principal rule of our lives: Everything is about energies, and, in fact, relationships are the primary source of those energy exchanges. In fact, relationships have the ability to feed our powers or drain them too. Rarely, there is some middle point.

When asked the question about the factors that cause energy drain in life, people often listed their boss, spouse, relatives or co-workers, and all this is right.

Relationships can sometimes be devastating or fulfilling, and still bad or good, but they always have the power to teach people about themselves.

Description of emotional vampires, different sizes, and shapes.

A lot of people will sometimes encounter a person that looks like sucking their life force out of them, leaving them angry, tired, dazed or even exhausted. Emotional vampire is the second name for such individuals.

There is a similarity between the controller and the narcissist as their frequent theme is me and only me. In fact, it is everything about their life or how others should run theirs. When talking with them, it will be a monolog of everything they won or lost in their lives, or what others should do in order to strengthen theirs. 

Emotional vampires actually go straight for people’s jugular with pressing their most vulnerable buttons, leaving people weak, as well as making them an easier target so to drain them emotionally.

Emotional vampires can do that covertly or overtly. When it comes to covertly, these people will ask you something like if you are angry and stressed as they noticed you gained some weight.

In most of the cases, a lot of people struggle to give a response to that, as they are trying to understand what just occurred. They will feel creepy, dazed or even weak.

How to deal with some emotional sufferings and drains?

With recognizing the signs connected with such people and feeling that one of them is in your company, you should make yourself wide awake, so they will not have the chance to further dig the fangs deeper into the neck.

You should take deep breaths, as well as strengthen the spine, in that way pulling your own self in the direction of the sky. In this way, the energy is going to flow throughout your body easily, also giving you a higher power.  Imagine that you have scissors and use them to cut those energy cords which sneak around you.

After that, send waves of kindness and love. The emotional vampire will need a lot of love as he or she apparently comes from a specific place which has a lack of love. Remember that everything you are sending will one day return to you.

After that, in the most peaceful manner, you should separate yourself from that situation.

In the end, when having an opportunity to clear the space of emotions around you, you should think about if all this is actually reminding you of some other relationship in life. Ask yourself if you behaved in the same way to other people.

Regardless of the outcome, have in mind that everything is good as all that is a growing and learning experience.

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