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How To Recognize Your Soulmate’s Energy?

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Our soulmates stay with us through lifetimes and multiple incarnations. In every new life, we meet them, learn from them, part ways- only to meet again in another lifetime.

In every lifetime we renew the soul contract with them. But have you ever wondered how we recognize them in the first place? The answer is simple, we don’t recognize their face or voice or any other superficial thing. We recognize their spiritual energy.

Feeling the energy of your soulmate

When our aura, mingles and reacts with the aura of our soulmate, it creates unique vibrations. This energy signature is recognized by our soul, which has experienced the same feeling in many lifetimes before this as well.

That’s why we feel the way we do when we are around our soulmates. There is no physical reason or terms to explain the feeling we undergo. We just know it in our hearts.

How does it feel like?

It feels like, home. You immediately recognize the feeling as being incredibly familiar. Like returning back to your favorite hanging spot when you were a child. There are no details to pinpoint. You just feel it. If you are doubting whether it is a soulmate or not then chances are that it’s not. Because if it were, you would be sure to recognize their energy.

The physical symptoms

When our spiritual energy is spiked in the presence of a soulmate, there’d be a few tell tale physical signs too. They are:

—Crown and head chakra experience a tingling or buzzing sensation
—You feel out of breath and your heart is racing
—Feeling of warmth throughout your body

Soulmate energy leaves its mark on you

Soulmate energy is said to flow most readily through your heart and crown chakra. This leads to them getting activated. Being around your soulmate will help you in your spiritual growth as it aids in the understanding of the universe and expands your heart to love.

The presence of your soulmate, always helps you in your spiritual quest, whether explicitly or subtly. You’d feel the changes in your when you see them and vice versa.

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