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Mercury Retrograde Season, July 26th – August 19th: Get Ready For A Bumpy Ride

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by Conscious Reminder

So, what is a retrograde?

A retrograde is when a planet seems to be moving backwards or away from the Earth. Now, you have to keep in mind that a planet only seems to be moving backwards and is not actually doing so.

The planet that goes into retrograde most often is Mercury, and this happens about 4 times a year, on an average. A retrograde affects the rules of the planets and messes up things for the signs attached to the planets in question.

A Mercury retrograde is characterised by two distinctly divided periods- the shadow and the storm. Mercury being a planet that likes to move in speed moves at its extreme slowest in the storm period, which is why the effect of the retrograde are felt in the storm time.

Let us talk dates.

Beginning of retrograde: 26th of July
End of retrograde: 19th of August
Shadow: July 7 to September 2
Storm: July 17 to August 4
Second Storm: August 12-24

The retrograde is housed completely in Leo. Leo, as we all know, the sign of fire, the sign of everything larger than life. Given that Leo is known to attempt to spruce things up in their lives with a fair dose of drama and entertainment, with the retrograde, expect a lot of it. You will find yourself wanting attention and validation more than usual. All this might be making you a little selfish, but you have to make sure that you remain kind and nice to everyone.

Leo is also known to us as the sign of the matters of the heart, and that might change a lot of things or make things that already exist feel like they are new. You might find new sparks in your relationship as it is or you may find the development of another one.

An old lover might come back into your life or you may find yourself going back to someone that you used to be with. Creative juices will flow and you will find new ideas approaching you and coming your way as you go through your days. Life will not be mundane like it generally is. You will find a new lease of motivation to do things.

There will be a lunar eclipse on the 27th of July and will in Aquarius, a sign that is the exact opposite of Leo, which will lead to an upsurge in emotions, so balance is the key here. Try communicating better and making sure that there are not any misunderstandings.

It does not end there as there will also be a solar eclipse on the 11th of August, adding some heat to the retrograde, so things might lead to unnecessary heating up of situations that can be easily sorted out.

There will be a lot of unreasonable drama all around but one has to keep calm and make sure that nothing goes out of control. It might sound difficult but definitely is not impossible. Take a deep breath and do your thing.

There will definitely be changes felt by everyone as a whole but there are always a few lucky ones who do not have to deal with these things, like people who have Mercury retrogrades placed in their charts like this one.

These people will not feel any major changes in or around them because it is something that is natural to them and a part of their existence. They will definitely feel the retrograde taking place but it will not feel like much to them.

As a whole, it will be a tumultuous time but everyone will get through it.

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