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Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse, July 12th, 2018: Claim Your Own Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Several articles have mentioned the importance of July in 2018, as this month would bring forward quite a few new happenings that are beyond the terrestrial, and venture into the extra terrestrial mode of events.

The first one being the July New Moon eclipse, that would take part in the domestic sign of Cancer, and hence affect the lives of people around us.

It has been noted since time immemorial that constellations and the movement of heavenly bodies tend to affect our self, and our society. Even though most are beneficial for the agricultural growth of our society, for which astrology was initially developed for, it should be understood that it also helps us, as humans in our growth as human beings.

What is surprising, is that eclipses usually have very bad connotations attached to them, when in reality, they actually help us grow as individuals, and attach greater significance and meaning to our lives.

This prejudice against eclipses being harmful for people is the principle reason why they are so dubious about its effects. No one can deny that eclipses create events that are potentially life altering and that this planetary movement of the moon, and the earth, is what results in changing circumstances throughout the planet.

Eclipses have also been said to be a signal from God, although those are just religious dogma. In reality, eclipses are simply events that are a giant spectacle on the great screen that is the sky. This summer will be host to three eclipses, of which the one on July 12, would be the most fascinating of all. Also, the other eclipses would be tentatively on July 27, and August 11.

These would effect the line of axis between the Cancer and the Capricorn cycle, and hence lead to extremely diversified events, that would be transformational and ingenious between now, and 2020.

Solar Eclipses are events that affect the sun, moon and the earth, as it occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. This results in the moon blocking or jutting out most of the sun’s rays, that would affect the earth, and plunge mankind into a state of darkness. Astrologers have been said to comment on this phenomenon, as the “Sun-Moon Conjunction”.

Human beings are slaves to habit. We routinely do one particular thing, because we are unable to move, or see beyond the horizon. Our sense of foresight is extremely dull, and we tend to work with what we have, rather than what we could procure.

So, when the moon stands before the sun, not allowing us to go further into our comfort zone, we have to move beyond what we are used to, to develop ourselves even when we are plunged into a state of despair.

Solar eclipses herald new beginnings, and despite what your consciousness must tell you, despite how depressing the situation could be, the universe is the greatest of them all, and they would know, what to do.

Solar eclipses give us the opportunity to venture out, take risks, and profit or learn from those risks, because we have nothing to lose. Our area of expertise seems to be submerged under a cloudy sky, with no light, and hence, we do have to go beyond our monotony of nature, because that’s what human beings are supposed to do.

We are creatures of rationale, which allow us to fork out different means of survival, when one door is closed. And when Solar Eclipse closes one door, we have no other option, but to explore other options. We need to delve into the unknown, and sight what we want.

As it stands, solar eclipse darkens our light, so that we could move beyond the illusion of contentment, and strive for greater peaks of success. This allows us time to introspect upon ourselves, and know what we want.

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