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How Manipulators Lure Their Victims Into Their Narcissistic Trap

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by Conscious Reminder

For those people that don’t know, a narcissist is a person that has something which is called NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

According to various definitions, NPD is the mental disorder which consists of people who have quite an inflated sense of their own significance.

Such individuals want others to admire them and always go out of their own ways in order to make sure that they are getting everything they want. Narcissists utilize their victims as ways to supply. They are going to tear those individuals down.

Narcissistic people tend to manipulate the victim by utilizing numerous tactics which permit them to start taking control. They are dominant individuals, and to start with, they come across as perfect partners.

Once narcissists have their victims where they want them, they will switch in something that other people will never expect from them.

One common thing which we are going to find narcissists do is gaslighting. For those people that don’t know, this is some kind of brainwashing during which narcissists lie to their victims even when they are faced with some facts over and over.

When they do this, they put their victims into shock state to where the victims will start questioning their sense about reality.

At the start, people can start noticing that they experience increased self-doubt and confusion around gaslighters. Gaslighters are going to attempt to convince their targets that what they remember, think, or feel is wrong.

Usually, when their victims don’t immediately agree with the gaslighters, they will become manipulators, and they are going to reach poorly, twisting the truth in order to make themselves the victims.

Profound into that process, the ones who are gaslighted are going to doubt even evidence they heard or saw with their senses, finding it hard to discern their truth right from the manipulations and lies of the gaslighter.

Although getting out of the grasp of gaslighters seems easy, especially from an outside perspective, when in a relationship, we won’t have the ability to see some light right at the tunnel’s end.

Throughout our relationship, the narcissist is going to become quite aggressive when he or she is criticized, projects false images, or crosses boundaries again and again.

The manipulation which narcissists carry out is something which actually comes from places which bring huge psychological damage and emotional devastation.

Narcissists aren’t the types of individuals that we would like to spend some time around. When we find ourselves face to face with a narcissist, it will be ideal to get out as soon as possible. These individuals are very toxic.

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