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Well Into July The Skies Are Showing So Much Activity: Here’s What The Stars Have In Store For You

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This July will bring forth many positive changes. The Mars retrograde period will be for two months till 28 August. Moreover this period will have three major eclipses.

On July 12, we will have the first solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer. It will provide a gentle aura as it stands on twin Castor and the horse whisperer.

Placed opposite Pluto, it offers cleansing and purifying as it gives rise to the Hades Moon.

The brooding environment is then neutralized by magnificent earth trine which will give rise to environment-friendly developments. This eclipse is very beneficial for Nature and for us.

However, 19 July will have Mars placed on South Node bringing forth past problems between old rivals. It will be followed by 1st August where the second Mars square Uranus will be in Taurus.

Here you can find Mars located in Altair the eagle which symbolises ancient Roman empire, Germany under the Nazis and of course, USA. It means, that Mars is reckless, aggressive and a daredevil.

It strictly sticks to fixed signs and doesn’t move if it has a strong belief in something.

Therefore in a retrograde scenario it is suggestive of a powerful entity that is delaying or manipulating a huge project dealing with the mass, like the UK Brexit.

Situations as tensed and problematic like these can also instigate power struggles and conflicts, with uprisings and movements by the people.

Finally, within the time frame of 26 July to 19 August, we will have a Mercury retrograde between 11 degrees and 23 degrees Leo.

Analysis shows that its course will be past the bears like Ursa Major, symbolising the caring and vigilant Mother bear and her child Ursa Minor.

This period will focus on questions related to motherhood and also about progress of the family and next generations in the near future.

It will be dominated by raw and unadulterated energy. This doesn’t mean that the decan is unspiritual. It simply suggests that it doesn’t like following rules and obeying a Guru.

It enjoys taking risks and exploring uncharted territories.

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