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Vega Starseeds And How To Recognize Them

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by Conscious Reminder

Vega Starseed is an alien species that originates from the brightest star system of the constellation Lyra, Vega. Also known as Vegans, they were originated from Lyra so that they could colonize and dominate the dog star, Sirius.

They can, of course, be reincarnated on Earth as well, and when that happens, they most commonly take a humanoid form that boasts of gorgeous dark skin, with raven hair.

Vegans also often subtle tones of copper, that enhances their ethereal beauty. Even though originally appearing as blue skinned like the Vulcans of the popular fiction franchise Star Trek, when on their home planet, earth-born Vega Starseeds will almost always have dark coppery skin tones.

Vegans are highly evolved, much more than humans can even imagine. They are very creative and highly skilled, and this has allowed them to seed, or colonize, several planets in our universe. Vega Starseeds are also old souls and possess empathy, making them a friendly species.

Traits of Vega Starseeds

It can be easy to spot a Vega Starseed on Earth since they have distinctive traits that are normally very rare. When in humanoid form, it can be near impossible to be perfect, but given how skilled they are, they often appear to be elevated when compared to other earthlings in their proximity. Some traits of Vegans that distinguish them from others are listed below:

1. Self-confident but egoistic

Vegans are most usually quite self-confident because they have faith in their own instincts and trust themselves to make the right decisions under all circumstances. However, this has a downside too since their extreme self-satisfaction can lead to egoism for Vegans in humanoid form.

2. Creative but inconsistent

Vegans are multi-talented, they have an inclination towards both the sciences as well as the arts and can be very creative. They tend to be good at whatever it is that they do, but most of their major contributions are to the fields of technology. Since they are good at everything, it can be hard for a Vega Starseed to stick to one thing. They can switch from one hobby to another quickly because they can never make up their minds. They often have to rely on other, more stable and sober people to complete their work, as they can be extremely inconsistent.

3. Explorers but solo players

Because of how Vega Starseeds can never stick with one thing, they also hate staying in one place for too long. They would rather be off exploring remote corners of the world and making new discoveries every day. However, because of their reluctance to stay in one place and settle down, they do not make very good companions. They are comfortable in their solitariness.

4. Friendly but nosy

Vega starseeds are very open and friendly by nature. They give every relationship their all, and expect nothing less in return, which can be a little much for some people. Because they care so much about the people they love, they can come off as a bit nosy to some people, but it is always well-intentioned on the part of a Vega Starseed. Even when they are coming off as over bearing, they are mostly just trying to help you. If you can remember that you will never have any problems getting along with Vegans, because they naturally possess amicable natures, and are very charming.

5. Empathetic but competitive

Vega Starseeds are very empathetic by nature, and have boundless compassion, but this can lead to problems as they can compete with your other friends and try to be a “better” friend to you than they are.

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