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Happiness, Patience, And Persistence: The Foundation Of Success

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by Conscious Reminder

In ‘The Dialogues’, Plato mentions various teachings and lessons Socrates preached in the city of Athens.

There he mentions the true source of happiness in Art is the process of undergoing the making of Art and not just the ultimate result.

Art, just like one’s everyday life, has to be enjoyed to its fullest. We spin together little fragments of days to make the whole fabric of life.

On indulging too much into the completion of a goal, one tends to forget the minute happiness they can gain in the process of creating it.

Many people who are frustrated blame chagrin to be the reason for their distress. The counseling and guidance programs preach the importance of not letting the delay of success take a toll on our lives.

But is success an essential need to be happy? Many therapists deny this illusion and state that one needs to realize that a brief effort would not result in success.

And to achieve success one has to be happy with the small tasks of work first. Many of us get exhausted after a brief push toward life and give up. Thus, a constant push is a necessity for success.

But as mentioned earlier, this constant motivation would not arise until one does not enjoy the little pleasures of doing that job.

Importance Of Patience And Persistence

Now that we have talked about the importance of enjoying the little fragments of work, the other key features in order to happily achieve success are patience and persistence.

It is obvious that you won’t wake up early morning every day just because you did so on the first day as per your New Year’s resolution. The same goes for jogging just a day or strumming that D chord on your guitar right the first day.

It is essential that you keep at your tasks be it as boring as filling spreadsheets or as exhausting as running, persistence is the key.

When you entwine persistence with patience, only then would you get the great fruit of success.  It is necessary that you continue investing your effort and time in order to grow yourself a little every day.

Although, there would come certain times when it would feel like you are not going anywhere. These situations often result in people’s moral breakdown. Thus it is important that you keep reminding yourself of the importance of your tasks.

Many people admitted that there came times in their lives when they thought of quitting and giving up on their goals.

They said it was the happiness of doing their work and most importantly it was the value of their work that made them continue to push a little more.

The key to achieving your goals with happiness, patience, and persistence are the characteristics many successful people hold. That feature is of feeling pride after every day’s work.

Hence it is important to be alive every day with the importance of your work and with the pride in your abilities to do your tasks perfectly, every day.

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