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For Every Time You Have Asked Me Why I Love You

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How do I tell you why I love you? How do I put this feeling into tangible, easy to understand and believable words? But even then you insist, you ask for a reason, that why in this wide world amongst so many people I chose you.

So I will try, to put into words how you make me feel and why I have no other explanation, but love for what I’ve shared with you.

♦It’s hard to give a reason why I love you, I just know it, and from deep within that this is how it is supposed to be.

♦It is because you know everything about me, deepest, darkest secrets and my most intimate fears.

♦And through them all you choose to still support and uplift me.

♦It is because you don’t stop believing in me even when I stop believing in myself.

♦Because you know me so well that you don’t even have to be told that I’ve had a bad day. Sometimes know it even before I enter the room.

♦I love you because you looked past my flaws; sometimes even celebrated them when I couldn’t even look at them.

♦You took the time to know everything about me, and even when you heard of the dark things, you decided to make your peace with them.

♦I love you because you are the only one who knows exactly everything that ticks me off. And because even when you do, we somehow can forget about it once we have resolved our issues.

♦Because no matter how many fights we have, you love me and cherish me and never let me forget that I do too.

♦It is because even though we have differences of opinions, you don’t let that cause us to drift apart.

♦You make it possible to be with another without losing my own individuality.

♦I love you, because distance though painful, can never be enough to separate us.

♦I love you because before you fell in love with me, you respected me and you continue to do so till today.

♦I love you for the innumerable smiles and laughter that we have shared and which come so effortlessly.

♦I love you for having the patience to hear me out of the sobs that rock my whole body.

♦I love you because of how comfortable and cozy I feel in your hug. How your hoodies are just the perfect fit for me to snuggle in. How we accidentally interlink our fingers while watching a movie or walking towards the mall.

♦I love you for how you love me, because no one else can do that.

♦I love you because when I am with you I don’t care for anyone or anything else.

♦It’s because you make me feel like I can be a better person.

♦And most importantly of all, I love you because there is nothing else I can do which is more important to me than loving you.

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