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The Myth Behind The 11:11

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by Conscious Reminder

In our lives, we have come across several events that we merely refer to as coincidences, even though we have no idea if they are coincidences or the twists and turns of the clock of fate.

This means, that any event that we might consider as coincidental, might have way deeper meaning behind it. It could mean a synchronicity with a higher realm of existence, into matters that we don’t understand.

It was propounded by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, after he himself was a witness to this phenomenon. Imagine lying in bed, thinking about a particular number, only to find yourself on that page of the book, or that time on the clock. Is it mere coincidence, mere chance? Or does it have deeper meaning behind it?

Jung decided to test one of his female patients, by asking her about her dreams, where she mentioned dreaming about a golden scarab beetle. Almost on routine, there was a scarab just outside the window, tapping it.

You could still consider it a coincidence, but it is not. The theory behind the 11:11 states that when you are viewing this number, and it is present in your life, in any form, it signifies that you are being connected to a higher dimension where the spirits are trying to interact with you, and trying to inform you about the twists of fate, and how to go beyond what karma has in store for you, and achieve true success.

This could also mean that your DNA has been unlocked for superior things, or enabling your body to be a vessel for the higher dimension, where the fissures or the wormholes in our world can bring forth.

Not all of them are evil, and they just want to be a part of your life, and help you out. This could also mean that your DNA is being modified.

We merely consider these actions to be something that “just happened”, and never try to go into the thick of things.

You need to identify and find the inner meaning to these non-physical energies that are swirling around you, because they synchronicities are extremely useful in maintaining a balance in your life.

These “coincidences” are a way for us to be one with nature, and to see it from an exemplified point of view. Aligning us to the non-physical energies would align us to the universe, and that would lead to several changes in our life, and we would transform.

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