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13 Rather Unpleasant Feelings That Show You Are Moving In The Right Direction

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have all had moments when we feel like we’ve lost control over our lives. But that doesn’t mean we should simply lie down and let the stress defeat us.

These moments might even be showing us that we’re headed in the right direction.

1.You appreciate time

You’re always at least a little worried about the lack of time. But this only means you understand its importance and that of your goals.

2. The current definition of productive doesn’t work for you

Just waiting for the day to end is not your style. You organize your days based on what you wish to accomplish.

3. You feel lost more often than not

You might feel like you aren’t sure exactly where you’re going but this only signifies progress.

4. You understand the psychology behind the wrong things people have done

It’s not easy to own up to your mistakes but it is necessary in order to be successful.

5. You are worried about your future

You might feel like all you’re doing is making mistakes. Just stay strong and see your journey through.

6. You avoid toxic and narrow-minded people at all costs

These people will feel like they’re draining the life out of you. Cut them off even if it is hard.

7. You often get discouraged by how things unravel 

Life is full of setbacks but don’t let this pull you down. Pick yourself up and keep fighting.

8. You feel as little as a grain of sand in the never-ending desert 

The enormity and magnificence of this world will feel daunting at times.

9. You are always letting go of things

If you wish to improve, it is best to let go of all that holds you back, be it a goal or a relationship.

10. You are still not ready to completely understand the bigger picture

Sometimes you lose sight of the big picture because you pay attention to every detail.

11. Your thought can run wild

You’ve got a lot of plans and you might now know where to start at times. Remember that your creativity is a gift.

12. There are times when you can’t find meaning in anything you do

Don’t let the size of the world make you think that your work does not matter. You affect more people than you know.

13. You regret things from your past

It is not wrong to feel bad about the wrong choices you’ve made. Accept that what is done is done and move on.

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