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This Is How The Zodiac Signs Cut People Out Of Their Life

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People tend to think that breaking up is something you do only with a person you share a romantic relationship with.

The truth is that breaks are far more common with friends and family. Break ups can happen in a variety of ways and this is often governed by our zodiac signs. Keep reading to learn about the kind of break up each sign prefers:


You’ll never have to think about where you stand with an Aries because they will tell you in the most straightforward manner possible. If you push them over the edge and get them to snap, your relationship is over for good.


With a talent for holding grudges, you will be hard pressed to get a Taurus to ever forgive you if you’ve betrayed them. They will literally try to wipe out your existence from their lives.


Their dual nature allows them more flexibility. They’ll start by becoming cold and distant and won’t be stop being horrible to you so that you leave first.


Hurting other people isn’t something Cancers are very capable of. They have a lot of patience and will even allow poisonous people to be around for much longer than they should be. Even when they finally break things off they’ll feel really bad about it.


Leos have way too much on their plates to be bothered with people who are pulling them down. If you do anything to cause them pain they will let you know what your mistake is and simply cut you off.


Skilled at analysis, a Virgo will plan out every step of the break up and are often successful in getting relationships to end naturally. They’re subtle but not so much that you won’t get the hint.


Kind to a fault, Libras are so gentle that their exes often don’t realize that the relationship is over. They are of the opinion that everybody deserves a second chance but if you keep hurting them you’ll be thrown out.


Like a Ninja, a Scorpio will cast you aside quickly and quietly if they think you have betrayed them. If you have done something drastic they might even try to get some pay back.


An inherent dislike of negativity and sadness ensures that they try to keep things as calm as possible. A Sagittarius is most likely to ghost you if they want to break up.


With their capacity for networking, Capricorns won’t cut ties if they can help it. They’ll try and maintain a professional relationship as far as possible. But they have their limits to so be prepared to be deleted from all their social media accounts and ignored completely.


An Aquarius is the type to keep in touch with their old partners so if they’re cutting you off, you’ve done something really bad. They’ll do what they can to ensure that they clear up everything before they leave.


Experts at beating around the bush, you are quite likely to hear about a Pisces breaking up with you from someone else before they finally get around to telling you. They’ll probably throw all of your past mistakes at you in the process; so it’s better for you to leave before reaching that stage.

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