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Mercury Goes Retrograde In Leo On July 26th And It’s Going To Cause A Lot Of Commotion

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by Conscious Reminder

People have always put special emphasis on Astrology, owing to the planetary bodies affecting the Earth and its population in more ways than one. All the planets, especially Mercury, and Mars, have a lot to do with the workings of humans, be it professional, or personal.

Their movements, and their positions in the sky, have resulted in several observations throughout the centuries, where people have been told to behave in certain ways, because owing to these movements, the surroundings of a particular human gets affected, and we know, that a person depends on his surrounding for survival.

Therefore, simply put, these planets have a lot to do in someone’s life, instead of just being mere diagrams on the Geography book.

Mercury would proceed with retrograding in the zodiac of Leo, from July 26th to August 18th, inflicting several characteristic differences in a human that you might be feeling even now.

Isolating the excitement that comes with such retrogrades, simply focus on the adrenaline coursing through your veins, and you would realize it is unusual, and a direct influence of this extraterrestrial event.

What To Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

You might be feeling extremely tetchy around people, and high headed, and this is because of the constellation of Leo, which has the traits of irritability, and recklessness. You might be tempted to do certain things, which you would have not done under any circumstance, and this is solely due to the movement.

The influence is considerably higher than any other movement. Your anger levels might spike, and you might be extremely irritable at the smallest of stuff, but it isn’t all negative. Just like every cloud has s silver lining, so does this retrograde.

As a human, there aren’t many chances one gets to fix the mistakes one makes unless a miracle takes place. Well, here’s the miracle. You might not be able to undo, but you would definitely have the time to grow, mature, and reflect upon your thoughts and actions, that determine your life, and that would continue to determine which course your life takes you to.

This is the time to not take rash decisions, but slowly and surely emerge out of the shell, a changed man, who looks before he leaps. This is the time for retrospection.

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