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Are You Driving Money Energy Away From Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

According to the Collegiate Dictionary of Merriam Webster, money is defined as the exchange medium, or value measure and payment means. Shortly said, money is actually the thing which we utilize to buy certain things.

There is nothing evil, too materialistic or evil about them. Money is just the part of our physical-living processes, and in our past, it appeared in different forms, such as beads, stones, fishhooks, feathers, shells, and animal skins.

In order to establish the standard value which is in one system, there was the creation of metal coins, each of them stamped with some specific design which guaranteed its value. The first of them were created somewhere around 600 B.C.

in one country, which we all know today as Turkey, while paper money started in China, somewhere at the 1300s. Nowadays, we are using paper money, together with coins to buy something other people sell, or also to pay them for their working.

It is that simple. However, the complexity appears when a lot of people do not have sufficient coins or paper money in order to exchange them for the services and goods they want and need.

This happens as their awareness is not attracting, or literally repels the money’s energy. This is somehow curious, as energies, including money, already exist as the inherent part of the Force Field of each of us, and it is the fundamental part of the Force Field’s Light Body.

In order to help us understand this, we can refine money in the following way: Money is My Own Natural Energy Yield. Here, we will analyze each of the words. The word “my” relates to the word me or also myself as the possessor of a certain thing. The word “own” means belonging to oneself.

The word “natural” means genuine, God-given, essential essence and normal. The word “energy,” coined by the famous Aristotle, was used to express the concept of “vigor of expression.

After that, the Alexandria’s Mystery School started using this word for the description of “cosmic forces,” or the force and power of omnipotence which we get individualized by. The word “yield” means harvest, payment, or return, or otherwise said, it brings something forth, resulting from cultivation and also as the returning from some investment.

With explaining each of the words, we can describe the word money in the following way:

“Money is my very essence, which when properly expressed, returns to me as an all-sufficiency of legal tender, to be used in exchange for goods and services.”

In fact, from this, we can also see that in the original form, money was already distributed in equal parts among every soul on our planet. And, there are also equal opportunities which exist at the moment for every one of us to enjoy the full measure of the apparent abundance. We are our own money, and money is us.

Here are some affirmations which help in attracting abundance:

  • I am the Spirit of Infinite Plenty individualized.
  • I am boundless abundance in radiant expression.
  • I am wonderfully rich in consciousness.
  • I am bountifully supplied with money.
  • I happily see every bill paid now.
  • I joyfully see every obligation met now.
  • I lovingly see myself sharing my bounty for the good of all according to the Father’s guidance.
  • With great delight, I see the continuing flow of this money used with love and wisdom as I create the perfect scenes according to my highest vision.

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