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An Unidentified Black Sarcophagus Found In Egypt Has Everyone Confused

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by Conscious Reminder

A recent archaeological discovery in Alexandria, Egypt, has had people at the edge of their seats. This artifact has been identified as one from the Ptolemaic age that is from the later 300 BCs.

The artefact that has been unearthed is in a big, solemn, granite sarcophagus. No one knows who is inside.

The sarcophagus is the largest of its kind with dimensions close to two meters by three meters.

A white alabaster head, believed to be of the inhabitant of the black sarcophagus, was also discovered by the researchers. The contrast between the two is quite striking.

Both the artifacts were discovered during construction work. What has been the cause of greater surprise, is the fact that there is a layer of mortar between the body inside and the lid closing the mouth of the sarcophagus.

This means that whatever or whoever is inside has lain there, undisturbed for thousands of years.

This has normally not been the case, for most pyramids and sarcophagi, with grave robbers making short work of everything centuries before the first explorers dig their way into the tomb.

The risks are high however. We all realize that the artifact and everything like it belongs to the world, that is, at a proper museum where people can come and marvel at the sight of something from the time before that of Cleopatra. But it is huge and not to mention heavy.

The entire thing weighs close to 30 tonnes, with the lid alone weighing 15 tonnes. So the amount of load required to take it out and transport is huge, making the chances of accidents greater.

Ayman Ashmawy, head of the ancient Egyptian artefacts at the ministry of antiquities says “But opening it for the first time will require extensive work to be done in advance. “It’s risky to open it directly – we need to prepare.”

At the same time he also said how this might be the grave of one of Alexandria’s noblemen from the Ptolemaic period.

Only time will reveal the secrets of this wonderful, almost accidental discovery from the land of Pharaohs.

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