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The Five Signs Of Reincarnation

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by Conscious Reminder

Reincarnation could be defined as soul evolution. Each of us has specific behavioral patterns and physiognomy that come from past lives. The more we have experienced abnormalities, the better we can manage in our present circumstances.

For more on reincarnation, you must read “The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation” by Roger Ebert. He discusses in detail reincarnation from the angle of quantum mechanics. His methodology to approach the concept is technical while discarding theological explanations that sometimes crop up in other theoretical explanations for the same.

In greater or lesser extent, we have all gone through this cycle of experiencing the following events:

1. Recurrent Dreams:

They are a way used by the unconscious to process trauma. These could be the events from our past lives. To learn more on this, you can begin from Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ and relate the theories for better knowledge. Although Freud has been sharply critiqued by modern theorists, psychologists and philosophers, his theories have been elemental in dream interpretation.

2. To recognize a place you have never seen:

Many may have a clear memory of places they have never visited. This relates directly to reincarnation and even déjà vu, which is discussed in point 5.

3. Vivid memories of names and events:

Recognizing people, places or events from our past lives is indicative of reincarnation. It suggests a previous life that held all these memories. This happens especially in children. It is reflected in their objective reality and recognition capabilities.

4. Intuition:

Intuition is our ability to connect with our innate knowledge. Intuitive powers are directly linked with our senses and our ability to tap on those. Also, the gut feeling is an essential aspect of intuition based beliefs or experiences. The more we experience it, the nearer we get to the source of our soul.

5. Déjà vu:

Déjà vu as a concept has been exhaustively discussed. Some opine that it is a neurological dissonance, while others believe that it refers to other infinite dimensions. Another angle is that it proves the existence of past life experiences.

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