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Love Horoscope For December 2017 Is Here

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The year 2017 ends pretty much as it started—with a whole lot of intensity. But as per usual, the stars have got your back.

From December 2 through 22, Mercury will be retrograde. That may be annoying, but it’s happening to help inspire you to review and reassess your life. Take this opportunity for introspection and run with it, never forgetting to treat others with the same respect that you want to be treated with. Make sure that you don’t put any binches on a pedestal any more than you put them in a corner. Deal directly with what’s real, because the truth is true whether you want to see it or not, lovers.


November 22–December 21
The full moon in your relationship house on the 3rd is likely to bring you some confusing but important revelations. Instead of jumping to conclusions, be interested in what’s really happening. Ask questions, and don’t interrupt when the other person is talking—no matter how tempted you are. If you’re seeking close and loving relationships, it’s time to do more listening, Sagittarius. You don’t have to be perfect to be the best version of yourself.


December 22–January 19
All the love that you share with others comes from your own self-love. If you can’t tolerate sitting in your own skin, it’s going to be painful to let someone truly see you and love on what they see. In the last few weeks of December, Saturn, the sun, and Venus will all land in your sign; this will either be really comforting for you or kick up your rigidity and feelings of insecurity. You can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you act in response to your feelings. In the words of Joan Didion, “The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.” Start with that, my love.


January 20–February 19
You have a lot going on beneath the surface this month, and that isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it is low-key exhausting. Don’t make it worse for yourself by checking out, Aquarius, because your feels will be waiting for you when you resurface. Deal head-on with your emotions so that you can rid yourself of resentments and other destructive distractions and create actual solutions. The best way to move into your future is to make your present a better reflection of who you are and what you care about. Close out 2017 by investigating where you’re doing that, and where you’ve gotten off track.


February 19–March 20
You’re entitled to take a step back from people when you need to—just make sure that you don’t ghost on them, Pisces. This month is an excellent time for miscommunications to flourish if you aren’t careful, so be as succinct as possible when expressing your needs. You’re likely to want to stay in bed on the 3rd for the full moon, and you should do what you feel is right. Then there’s going to be a meaningful shift in your friendship circle as of the 20th. Confront the very real differences between you and others and then fully and consciously show up for whatever comes next.


March 21–April 19
Part of growing is being able to know when you’ve gotten off track or backslid on your goals. If you’ve let communication lag with your personal relationships, the full moon on the 3rd is going to mess things up for you. Here’s a pro tip to help you help yourself: Don’t take your anxieties at face value. How you feel is a messy mixture of the experiences in your past, your hopes for the future, and all that you’ve got going on right now. Slow down and make sense of what’s real and what’s a habitual reaction, Aries.


April 20–May 20
If your relationships don’t reflect what you truly value, you can expect a whole lotta drama this month, Taurus. Not everything is worth reacting to, but if you’re not forthcoming about what’s happening in your heart, you run the risk of developing some heavy resentments. On the 9th, aggressive Mars enters your relationship house, and that can make for some exciting movement…or some annoying fights. TBH, one isn’t implicitly better than the other. Fight for the relationships that you can be yourself in, and engage in passing pleasures only if you can do so without attachments.


May 21-June 21
The heart isn’t a rational muscle, and you shouldn’t try to make it one. The Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd is going to bring the fullness of your feels to the surface, but it’s unlikely to make a lot of sense right away. Let yourself be in your experience without trying to fix or figure it out, Twin Star. By the 17th, things will feel more settled and even make more sense. Above all else, don’t overextend yourself by making promises that you can’t keep this month. Expect delays (and other manageable annoyances) that make you want to skip the parties and handle your business.


June 22–July 22
This is likely to be an extra emo month for you, moon child. The full moon on the 3rd may bring up some old feels that you thought you were done feeling. Don’t take your reactions at face value, and follow the three R’s of Mercury retrograde: Review, reflect, and realign. From the 20th onward is a great time to connect with your fam, but it’s not likely to be all light and easy. Relationships mirror your past actions and true self back to you. If you don’t want to maintain broken dynamics, then address them. The way to make things truly different is by starting with your own willingness to participate.


July 23–August 22
It’s not always possible to have it all at the same time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Have patience with your own progress, Leo. It’s tempting to arrange your life in a way that gives you reinforcement and praise, but it’s not always wise. Close out 2017 by prioritizing the people and situations that give you the purest joy and growth, even if they’re more work. If you seek a greater balance between meaning and the mundane, you’ll get a boost by the middle of the month. If you find your reality to be a bummer, it’s time to change things up, sweet one.


August 23–September 22
Being a heady person ain’t bad, but it’s got its downsides too. Make sure that you aren’t distancing yourself from your feels by trying to think them into submission. This month’s Mercury retrograde is meant to reconnect you with your inner world, so rise to the challenge, Virgo. It’s not possible to have true intimacy with others if you can’t tolerate your own complexities. Get to know yourself as you are, instead of how you think you are. Practice being receptive instead of pushing for answers, and give yourself the grace of stumbling now and again as you do.


September 23–October 22
Your personal life is the foundation upon which you build all of your accomplishments. If you don’t have a stable source of support and a life that is true to who you are, no external validations will be enough to make you feel successful. This month Saturn moves to the bottom of your chart, demanding that you tend to your foundations. Because of the holiday season, that may look like family or relationship issues, but don’t get it twisted: It’s all about how you show up. Don’t let fear of being overwhelmed with your own feelings stop you from confronting reality, Libra.


October 23–November 11
Don’t be a bully! The planet of fighting and fornicating, Mars, enters your sign on the 9th through January 2, and this can go either way for your love life, Scorpio. Strive to make things happen without forcing anything. You may find yourself extra agitated or hella twirly, and in either case, my advice is the same: Don’t confuse a lasting emotion with a passing fad. Your habit of obsessing is likely to be kicked up a notch at this time, but temper your actions with care, no matter how pressing your impulses are. Wade through your desires instead of diving into them until the 20th, when you’ll be more grounded, my love.

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