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Tonight Is The September Equinox 2018 — Welcome To A New Season, The Start Of A New Cycle!

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The Equinox happening on the 22nd of September will mark the move of the Sun into the sign of Libra, and will also start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Equinox occurs two times in a one year, and during that period the Sun crosses the celestial equator. When the Sun crosses this point, it results in equal hours of light and dark.

The Equinox is an important turning point in the astrological year.

It represents the halfway mark as the journey of the Sun through the 12 different constellations.

The journey of the Sun through the sign of Libra signifies a time of balance, as well as working together with other people. It is a time to pay more attention to the ‘other’ and to focus on how we can create healthy partnerships, relationships, and friendships.

The energy of the sign of Libra is about finding the balance between honoring your own needs and desires, and accounting the needs and wants of other people too.  It is a time of finding harmony, as well as an equilibrium with all the areas of your life.

Together with the changing of the seasons, there is also a change in the flow, as well as the direction of energy.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the energy will start moving inward, and we will be encouraged to release and let go of everything which no longer serves us. We will also see this mirrored in nature as the trees will start shedding their leaves and the weather will become cooler. We will also have fewer hours of light and more hours of darkness.

On the other hand, in the Southern Hemisphere, the energy will start moving outward, and we will be encouraged to express and put ourselves out there. This is also portrayed in nature with the beginning of spring and the blooming of blossoms and creation of new life. This will be a very fertile time where we can take all we were planning and start putting it into action. The hours of sunlight increase, as well as the weather, will get warmer.

These changes in nature will give us a clue as to what shifts are happening within us and begin preparing us for the winter/summer, which is also the last season before the astrological New Year starts.

This year, the Equinox on the 22nd of September carries special influence as of the asteroid Chiron.

Chiron is best known as the healer in astrology. Every time when Chiron shows up in your astrology chart, it is an indication of a wound which needs to be healed and cleansed through the course of your lifetime.

The wounds of Chiron are karmic, and they represent lessons and themes which your soul needs to come to achieve in this life. Chiron is highly active during the time of the Equinox, showing that a time of healing is also underway for everyone.

The energy of Libra is about a partnership, as well as about connecting with other people and opening your heart to them. It is about learning to understand the point of views of others, and developing empathy for your fellow human.

As a society, we are not always the best when it comes to understanding, as well as paying respect to our fellow human, so we still feel threatened by the differences of other people and judgment of others when they do something which is against the norm.

Showing empathy is usually considered as a weakness, and we are often encouraged to compete and race against our peers so that we outsmart them or out beat them.

Chiron’s energy and the energy of the Sun in Libra is there to remind us that we are all one in the same. It is there to heal cultural, as well as deep wounds which we have around our connections with other people. It is there to show us that our differences are only an illusion and deep down, we are really connected with each other; we are the same.

The famous saying which says to treat others as we want to be treated takes on a completely new meaning when we tune into the awareness that we are all the same.

This sensation of connection with each other can also be achieved through meditation, and if we permit ourselves, we can tune in and feel that the hurt of everyone is also our hurt, and the joy of everyone is also our joy.

It can probably be a tricky concept to wrap our heads around unless we have experienced it or feel it for ourselves only, but without the cloak of reality and the human shells which we call bodies, we are really just all made of the same star stuff.

The differences which we see in other people and the problems which we have with them are all energetic teachers for us in this life.

If we feel threatened by another race, or perhaps intimidated by someone that has different sexuality to us, or even offended by the cultural heritage or lifestyle of someone, it is really a message and a good lesson for us, and it is also a reminder that we have to be more accepting of ourselves.

When we feel whole and secure in ourselves, it removes the need for judgment. When we love ourselves, it permits us to focus on the love we find in others.

You should not permit this world make you feel not good enough. You should not let other people make you feel bad about yourself. You should not let society tell you how things need to be. You should make your own way and follow your own heart. Also, know that when you love yourself, anything else is more than possible.

The Equinox on the 22nd of September, 2018, is a time to heal the divide. It is a time to cross the bridge between your ego and your higher self, as well as feel the connection, the strength, and the love which comes from knowing that we are one.

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