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Everything You Need To Know About Vibrational Energy Of Thoughts

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

God’s Creation all around us is infused with energy and the Divine light. This light blesses us with the special Universal knowledge about our planet, the Universe and Paradise, which is incomprehensible to man.

We really don’t know how powerful our brains are. Our thoughts have the ability to create energy and it’s so strong that it can transform water structure at molecular level and also cells.

This is why meditation which focuses on thought and energy guidance is very beneficial for our health and spirituality. Even science says that meditation raises the heart rate to 3 volts where in normal times it’s just 10-15 millivolt, as measured by EEG.

This potential of the brain needs to be channeled into positive actions to transform the world. If our thoughts lead to negativity, it will have adverse effects on our body. It’s important to consciously take a step towards positivity and wholesomeness as it not only affects us but also our surroundings.

Several incidents and research works have shown how negative thoughts can result in changes in the chemical composition of our body, leading to severe problems. Thinking positively will create good cells and enzymes which will keep us healthy and protect us from diseases.

For instance, if someone keeps thinking they will have a short life then their thoughts might actually become reality. However, if someone puts in effort to be healthy and active regularly then they will live happier and longer.

To encourage positive thoughts, it’s important to meditate as it removes the stagnancy in your life and keeps us active and lively. Our body cells react to stimuli like sound, light, smell, colour and touch. Regular meditation will activate our living essence and heal our body with time.

Professional athletes are trained in the power of channeling one’s thoughts into energy. They make their brains focus and turn the chances into reality, as they picture a victory. It’s always beneficial to experience your thoughts in your mind so that our energy can concentrate into making it a possibility.

Even singers when they hit high notes feel the vibration during the harmonies which they had actually thought about. This is why people rehearse before events to bring out positive thoughts and energy.

Similar things happen during childbirth when the excessive pain makes the women focus and reduce the duration of labor. Even when we are thinking about a situation our brain works the same way as it would have if it happened in real time.

The thoughts we have are magnetic and electrostatic in nature. We can help our brains control these thoughts and change into positive actions through effective techniques like hypnotism, creative visualization and so on.

The energy within us has the potential to build up an environment and surroundings as we imagine, whether it is an individual contribution or a collective endeavor. When we join hands and focus our energies together then we will be able to bring forth positive changes in this world. It will not only heal us but all plants and animals on this planet.

It’s important to spread the word of kindness and empathy to make the world a holistic place to live in. In this fast paced modern world, we are slowly losing our values and ethics that make us human, and therefore losing our essence in the process.

However, if we concentrate our thoughts into making positive and bigger changes in this world then it will result in a collective spiritual enrichment. Therefore vibrational energy of thoughts is very real.

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