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If You Are Unhappy, There’s A Good Reason For It

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by Conscious Reminder

Still getting the worried looks from your family members? With questions like “Is everything alright?

You look ill” being hurled at you incessantly, you might just want to question yourself whether you are truly happy in your current relationship right now.

Being in a relationship is a tumultuous task if not taken care of. With the obvious perks of feeling loved, we are also exposed to the difficulties of finding mental peace with a stranger to embrace her as your soul mate.

An apparently “perfect” relationship is a fool’s paradise and it’s meant to collapse. So, if you are going through a rough patch in your current relationship right now, take it as a stage of self-development!

If you find yourself to be unhappy in the relationship, do not worry! We have compiled a list of 3 actions you can execute to restore peace with your lover for long-lasting stability. Read on to know more!

1. Communicate with your partner

Unless your partner is an authentic astrologer, there is no way that she can read your mind. You need to learn to open up about your own emotions, feelings, dreams and idiosyncrasies. Only then can you reignite that old spark in your relationship and make it last. Do not hold back from expressing yourself to the most important person in your life!

2. Go for couple counselling together

Counselling is often considered to be a social taboo in the society. But with the advent of studies on mental health, counselling is growing up to be an important domain for troubled relationships. Take an appointment and go for it. Sometimes, a third person’s professional guidance can take your relationship to the next level – beyond the barriers of instability and trivial hardships.

3. Say “I quit”

This is easily the hardest decision of your life. If you feel that your relationship has turned out to be an irreparable mess, a crumbling mass of wasted energy and time – leave. This will make you feel better in the long run and will obviously make your lover feel better as well.

Sorting out a relationship maturely is not everyone’s cup of tea. But then, it’s better to have a bitter ending than an endless sequence of bitterness.

So, go for these tips and thank us later if you manage to save your relationship!

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