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Spiritual Growth Happens When You Practice Unconditional Love Towards Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

The primary step towards living meaningful lives is learning how to be honest and kind to ourselves.

When we learn how to do that, we will avoid spiritual bypassing.

A short guide which will help you open your fourth chakra.

In fact, you can’t force spirituality on yourself. But many people do that. When they finally understand how meaningless and cyclic their fast-paced lifestyles, work routines, and also private lives are, their conscious hits them with one question: “What is the purpose of my life?” 

Because of this, many people try to discover their existence’s meaning, an overbearing and overarching purpose to what they do – to what they are committed.

They turn to other people for inspiration, but they turn to themselves for guidance, hoping to find and regain their spirits. But, they are also accustomed to quick results, choose from a wide range of solutions which are consumable, and from instant gratification.

However, spirituality does not work in that way. It is a rewarding and beautiful journey which takes some time and patience. Those that try rushing through it only experience the spiritual bypassing, which is an experience in which spirituality forms pars of specific actions they have to perform and habits that have to inculcate.

Because of that, they will become spiritual without even being spiritual. In fact, it will emerge when they don’t understand and work towards building, opening, and nurturing their fourth chakra, or also called the heart chakra.

As such spirituality isn’t sprouting from their being, as it hasn’t emerged after they discovered themselves and the true callings of their hearts, and as they inherit such spirituality from performing some actions rather than believing and realizing values, it will be a forced type of spirituality.

And, the result of this will be the following:

They will become quite less forgiving of themselves, but more of other people;

They will become indecisive when it comes to their own actions, but they will have the ability actually to be helpful and wise for other people;

They will become critical and self-avowing of themselves while tolerating and accepting other people.

Such kind of spirituality will be destructive and limiting, and one way in which they can move towards it is working on gaining their capacity to experience kindness, unconditional love, and even compassion for themselves.

The awakening of the fourth chakra: unconditional love and spirituality.

We all have seven energy centers or chakras in our bodies. Each of those energy centers has the responsibility to generate a special kind of energy which is needed in order to complete various spiritual and physical tasks.

The heart or fourth chakra, which is also known as Anahatta, is considered to be the place of oneness and balance with people’s emotions. This chakra is the center of the unconditional love people feel for themselves, their thoughts, and emotions. Every problem which is related to the harmonizing of powerful emotions and thoughts is often dealt through the heart chakra.

Some emotions, like joy, love, compassion, anger, grief, hatred, disgust, loneliness, jealousy, and even fear, are diminished or amplified, and also controlled through it.

When people don’t give themselves the attention or time needed to create some space for understanding and self-reflection, the heart chakra will become dormant and weak. Because of that, they will lose their capacity to observe their emotions. They may never give their broken hearts, emotions, and even themselves the time and attention which is needed to heal and understand them.

But, now, it will be time to do so. They can open and nurture their fourth or heart chakra with the Metta practice.

Metts is the powerful meditation practice in Buddhism, and its literal meaning is “loving kindness.”

These are the major steps in order to perform this practice and rebuild the spiritual center of your body:

First of all, sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet and calm place;

Then, breathe comfortably, and don’t focus on your breath;

When you feel the body relaxed and at ease, you should start focusing your attention on the area of your heart, feeling the way it feels with every breath you take;

Be very mindful of words if they come to your mind; stay in this position for about five minutes;

Imagine that your heart glows, slowly radiating some energy in circles outside of you, visualizing your loved individuals’ well being.

Then, come back to yourself, focusing on the heart once again;

You should conclude this practice by becoming conscious of your surroundings slowly.

If you perform this exercise regularly, you are going to become conscious of your suppressed frustrations, dominant emotions, and everything you don’t forgive yourself.

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