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Will This Week’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Have A Major Effect On Your Life?

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by Conscious Reminder

This year we are going to have some impactful and spiritually powerful partial solar eclipses and one full lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse which will appear on Friday night, 27th July, is really special as it’s a Blood Moon Eclipse.

Appearing almost twice every year, lunar eclipses are a regular phenomenon. It is believed by many that although it might seem ordinary, lunar eclipses possess massive powers and energy.

According to astrologer Barbara Goldsmith, this lunar eclipse will bring forth a drastic transformation.

As this year will be full of eclipses, the Universe will be charged with energy and potential.

The Blood Moon full lunar eclipse will appear at 4 degrees and 44 minutes in Aquarius and will probably be the longest eclipse ever, with duration of one hour and 43 minutes.

The special feature of this lunar eclipse, the “blood moon” is a result of light being refracted from the atmosphere of the Earth. This provides the reddish hue.

Experienced people think that this eclipse is going to be immensely powerful and will have huge effects on everything. Barbara Goldsmith also said that the Universe seems to be preparing for the huge changes coming our way and all important signs point towards this event.

She confirmed that as the eclipse will take place in Aquarius it suggests that it will give us the opportunity to solve past issues and find different ways to deal with them.

This lunar eclipse will appear linked with Mars. Astrologer Jamie Partridge says that this reflects an eventful time ahead and needs us to be  prepared for whatever might come our way.

Being affected by Mars, this eclipse will take a toll on us emotionally. It will evoke feelings of frustration and rage, turning into rash decisions due to Uranus’ influence. Presence of Saturn and other fixed stars will mellow the disturbance.

Gemini are advised to be careful of their emotions and reactions during this eclipse. Even Taurus should be prepared for difficulties.

Pam Gregory says that it will affect our social relations with the Sun in Leo at 4 degrees close with North node in Leo at 5 degrees, opposing Mars at 3 degrees, the Moon at 4 degrees and south node at 5 degrees Aquarius, surrounding Uranus.

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