Powerful Energizing Ritual To Tap Into This June Capricorn Full Moon Energy

by Conscious Reminder

The full moon is when one of the four phases of the moon, occurring when the earth lies between the sun and the moon so that the moon is visible as a fully illuminated disc.

This natural phenomenon takes place once every 29.53 days or roughly once a month. As it did in March 2018, it sometimes appears twice a month. It occurs when the moon is completely illuminated by the sun’s rays as a result of the Earth being nearly directly aligned between the sun and the moon.

By now, you probably know what it is: a full moon. Urban legend suggests the full moon brings out the worst in both people and situations. If you talk to emergency room personnel, fire-fighters, paramedics and police officers, they very likely will share a story or two about the “lunacy” that occurs on nights when the sky is enlivened by a full moon.

Around two or three times a year, the Full Moon comes close to the lunar nodes. These are the points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic, which is the path of the Sun, seen from Earth. When this happens, Earth cast its shadow on the Full Moon, causing lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses, on the other hand, can only happen if the Moon comes close to the lunar nodes around New Moon.

The Capricorn full moon will occur on the 28th of June, 2018 at 12:53 am. The Capricorn full moon is also known as the strawberry moon. Capricorn full moon gives importance to only those things which are real and everlasting. It helps you to grow conscious and take a second glance at your priorities.

It gives you the willpower to stick to your commitments and not get carried away by the negative energies that surround you. It helps you to choose your career path and gives you the zeal to work harder in order to achieve your goals. Capricorn ruled by Saturn represents the patriarchy and the Cancer Moon represents Mother, family, hearth, and home.

There’s a need to balance the male and female counterparts of your psyche. An imbalance can result in power struggles with others. Another way this might manifest if you are fairly integrated and balanced you can attract people who may resist the balance you represent to them. Projection can become problematic and power struggles can come to a head with others often during a full moon.

There are many spiritual rituals that are followed in order to prepare for the full moon. The burning of sage and meditation are a few examples. After burning the sage in the sacred place people cross their legs and sit on a mat.

They take heavy breaths and meditate for about twenty minutes. After the meditation, they ask their higher self the greater meaning of life. After they have gotten the answer that they were seeking, they write it down on a piece of paper. Then, in the end, they draw a line diving all the things between what they want and need.

During a full moon, this helps to clear out all the confusion and makes our perspective towards life much clearer.

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