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Are We The Center Of The Universe? – Hear Out What Science Has To Say

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by Conscious Reminder

As you look out at the sky at night, the stars shining at you from their stations in space, light years away, you must have ended up feeling humbled, like a speck of dust in this vast universe.

But what if we say, it is you who is actually the source of this vastness, the creator of it? In short, yes, we think you are God, we all are. And science proves its true.

Raisins in the Dough?

The English physicist Brian Cox compares the universe to dough filled with raisins. As the dough rises and so does the raisins, they drift further away from each other. Similarly, as the universe expands, the particles making up the universe move far away from each other.

On the other hand, Nobel laureate Julian Schwinger believes that the structure of the universe is made up of multiple fields. In this respect, the term multiverse seems more appropriate.

A Connected Field

Nassim Haramein’s breakthrough model of a “unified theory of everything” preserved at the Resonance Foundation combines quantum with classical physics. It represents an integrated singular field where particles or protons are not isolated like raisins but connected. This contradicts the theories of both Cox and Schwinger.

This structure is that of a field which is morphogenetic, i.e. capable of generating its own shape starting from a zero-point from which energy flows through the connected wave of proton-particles.

Space-Time- a Myth?

According to Robert Spitzer, 72.4% of the universe is made up of dark energy which aids the expansion and acceleration of space-time continuity. But, since 2011, scientists have come to the conclusion that space and time do not exist per se but that does not stop them from creating the reality as we see it. Puzzling, isn’t it?

Are We the Zero-Point?

There is infinite intelligence even in the state of perfect vacuum, which is nothing but a zero-point. Every particle bears is in this programming of infinite energy and constitutes a “singularity” thus having a fundamental relationship with other particles.

The key to the secret of the universe is encrypted in our very own genetic make-up. As brain scans reveal, our thought-waves, cumulatively our consciousness has the capacity to shape our future reality.

It is the varying degree of consciousness at each point which determines the relationship between particles constituting the universe and produces the diversity in nature of things we see. Whether by yoga or meditation, change this consciousness, and the entire power to change your reality imagined in terms of time-space, will come within your grasp!

At the highest level of our consciousness, we are all zero-points with access to infinite intelligence. Therefore, it is the interaction of our consciousness with that of others, in other words, electromagnetic waves transmitted through the eternal network of protons which make up the integrated universal field, that create the universe as it is.

Ask the scientist and the sage. You hear the same thing! The raisin is the father of the dough; the seed of this vast universe lies in nobody but you. Water your consciousness and let the tree of infinity grow!

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