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How The Law Of Attraction Really Works At This Time

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The Law of Attraction is a popular topic these days as more of us are becoming in tune with our own consciousness and ability to create our reality. It can be seen as ‘a way to play the game better’ or in some cases, how to get what you want.

But are the things we strive for always what we really want?  Is it really that simple to create your reality? Or are there other factors at play here? We are in a very special time right now and for that reason the Law of Attraction does not seem to work quite the same as it used to. Since we aren’t simply here to understand how to play the game better and collect wealth and material things, you could say the law of attraction has another factor involved. A quick note, I am not suggesting that all of us use the law of attraction for the purpose of attaining material wealth, but it certainly is the most popular angle.

Firstly, why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work the same as it used to? Simple, the subconscious and conscious mind no longer have the majority control in creating our reality. To fully understand this, the law of attraction utilizes conscious and sub conscious creation in order to project a reality for ourselves. By repeated conscious and subconscious projection, you eventually attract various things into your life that you are choosing to attract. But, since there is another factor at play these days, things can be a little different. How different? One way to look at it is to understand that our main purpose for being here is to continue along in our own individual soul journey of enlightenment. We are here to grow in a spiritual sense. You could see it as a player playing a video game to better their understanding of the video game and further their knowing of who they really are as a player. The soul is who we truly are, only we have forgotten that. As part of our experience, we have gotten so out of touch with that knowing and instead have engaged ourselves fully in identifying with the mind as being who we are. Our thoughts, our emotions, our ego wants and ego desire, many of us think that this is who we truly are. But this is all changing.

With our souls desire to grow and shift being so strong in the times we are in, it plays a much larger role in choosing what to experience in this life. Now I know what you might be thinking, why don’t I have control? You do. Because you are the soul, we just have made a habit out of not listening to our intuition, our inner voice, our inner knowing so much that we don’t realize it is us. When things happen in our lives we use the mind to figure it out, judge it, choose a direction and so on, instead of listening to what our intuition, or soul, might be telling us. You can imagine our souls goals in this life as a checklist. If we were here to do, achieve and learn various things, we came here knowing what we wanted to learn and therefore create various scenarios in our lives to allow that to play out. Being in a time of great change and fast manifestation, if we get stuck in the idea of creating certain things that will now benefit our growth, the soul is essentially not attracting that experience, and thus it won’t play out in our lives.

If you find yourself looking to attract money, material things, the perfect relationship, the perfect life, the perfect job etc, ask yourself why you want these things to begin with. Take the time to sit down and write about why you want each thing. How would it make you feel? Would it make your life better? Happy? You may realize rather quickly that most of the reasoning behind why we want these things is because we are chasing an idea of happiness. Alternatively, we might be feeling lack in our lives and so we are looking to fill it with ideals of what a perfect life would be. Why can’t we be happy? We can, but happiness will never come from external things; it comes from within. Just as lack cannot be fulfilled with external things. Take steps to find peace within your life and you will find that much of what you are looking to create, is not truly your desire.

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