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Don’t Ignore Your Gut Feeling, It’s Your Intuition Showing You The Right Way

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by Conscious Reminder

Your gut feeling might be a hint, a voice, a poke or a scratch. But whenever you are under the slightest bit of duress, you can be guaranteed of your gut instinct interfering.

Maybe these are your Guardian Angels telling you how things can get in the near future. And we don’t really have to spell it out, but they are important.

Here are 9 gut signs that you should never ignore.

Pull In A Specific Direction

If you are listening to your gut, there is a high chance that you will get pulled in a specific direction. While you might not know or understand the reason for it just yet, things will get clearer as the days go by. Simply follow what your gut tells you.

Aware Of Bad Vibes

If you are listening to your gut, there is a high chance that you might be aware of things coming your way. Rather, you would know the kind of feelings that you are receiving. You might actually get bad vibes from a person you are interacting with or you might get great vibes. Don’t ignore these, for it’s your gut telling you about their vibe.

The Voices In Your Head

Sometimes, you will get real voices in your head asking you to stop associating yourself with someone. In most cases, you might think you are crazy but these are legit voices that want to help you. It is your gut telling you that things might not be what they seem, and the voices want to be so loud about it that they will literally speak it out.

Subconscious Actions

Sometimes, your gut wants you to do something to such an extent that it won’t even bother letting you know. Haven’t there been times when you simply did something without realizing that you had done it? It’s your gut.

Unseen dangers

If your gut feels that there is something dangerous around you, it will immediately put you at the edge. You might not see it, you might not even hear it, but you will definitely feel it. Your gut will heighten your senses and try to get you to leave that direction. This is the famous fight or flight that we keep talking about. Your gut might put it to such an extent that you get dizzy.

Confident About A Hidden Future

Sometimes your gut makes you do things that lead to a chain of events. While the end is extremely vague, you seem to be inordinately proud of it. Sometimes your actions might not even seem rational. But you would still be very confident about it. While this may be quite a hard pill to swallow, it is what it is.

Sudden Change In Plans

You might be up for a particular plan for over a month, but when the day arrives, you turn it on its head. This is your gut, leading you to choose the safest option available. You might actually not believe that you changed your decision, but soon you would be thanking your stars (and your guts) that you did.

An Itch That You Simply Can’t Scratch

A gut feeling is sometimes like an itch that you simply can’t scratch. There is this feeling all the time that nags you about something that you just can’t understand. You might be doing everything fine, but there will still be this feeling, this slight aftertaste that tells you maybe things could be better. This is your gut, always trying to make things perfect for you.

Coincidence? We Think Not.

You might sometimes be beset with people all coming up to you and telling you exactly what you want to know. It doesn’t matter who they are or how they came to know of what you exactly wanted. But they will be there for you when you are yearning for something and they will help you reach it. At the end of it all, calling it coincidence might be testing fate a tad bit too much.

So, your gut feeling is quite important to your survival, isn’t it? Do you listen to it like your Bible? We hope you do!

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