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How To Sharpen Your Mind And Keep It In Perfect Shape

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by Conscious Reminder

People exercise every day to stay fit and build the body they have always dreamed about, but what’s with the brain, the most important human organ that makes us who we are?

Nowadays people are so preoccupied with earning a bigger pay check and secure themselves financially, that they barely find half an hour of free time for a daily dose of physical activity, let alone for something that makes the soul happy.

Many of us think that we are getting enough of ‘mental exercise’ having to put up with everything and everybody that comes our way during the day, so we don’t need anything on the side that will keep us preoccupied.

However, mental exercise is crucial for maintaining a clear and sharp mind. It will help you stay focused and concentrated, and you will be more productive and a lot more efficient at your work.

Put your brain to use

You can’t go wrong with putting your brain to work. Mental exercises are great fun, but they are also the best way to increase the growth of gray matter in your brain.

For example, dance activates part of the brain that is in charge of planning, coordination and assessment, meditation increases brain activity in regions that are in charge of learning and memory.

Learn to play some instrument, go on foreign language course, meditate or enter yoga classes, play chess or some similar mental game, dance, learn how to paint ,enter some course, and you can also increase intelligence with juggling.

A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

By doing physical exercise you are not just contributing to your physical health, but your mind feels the benefits from hitting the gym too. Namely, according to Dr.John J.Ratey, author of the book called ‘Spark: The revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain‘, exercising encourages production of protein that increases the growth of brain cells, and it also helps neurons to function optimally.

One study suggests that exercising for one hour a day, three days a week keeps the brain young and keep your memory in shape

Power Your Mental Muscles

Blueberries, but also dark chocolate are rich in powerful antioxidant epicatechin which, among other things, can improve your concentration.

Give Your Mind Something To Think About 

By definition intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, deal with new and unpredictable circumstances , therefore there isn’t better way of practicing the mind but to subject him to new, unexpected situations .

Give it a hard time once in a while. If you are right-handed, use your left hand to brush your teeth and see what happens.

Put noise-cancelling headphone while doing your house work – it will sharpen your other senses.

Another thing you can do is to look at the pictures in a photo album holding it up side down. Just keep your brain working. 

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