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Tonight’s Full Harvest Moon In Pisces Is A Harbinger Of Change & Freedom

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of September will be welcomed by a Full Harvest Moon on the 2nd of the month.

According to traditional rules, the September Full Moon is also called the “Harvest Moon”. This is the closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox, which occurs on the 22nd of September.

What Does This Charming Full Moon Have In Store For Us?

The most essential thing that the September Full Moon promises is change. The word has acquired a deep meaning for anyone who’s been through this year. The world has been on standby mode almost since the beginning of 2020. With millions of lives lost owing to the coronavirus pandemic and economies being shut down, we need change more than anything.

The September Full Moon promises the change we’re looking for in our lives. September is also the month when we notice the visible aspects of change. It’s the time when summer leaves the horizon, and autumn fills the air. We see leaves changing colors and birds migrating in Fall. It is a busy time that denounces stagnancy and welcomes change. It’s time to buckle up and work to change the situation at hand.

September Full Moon Will Bring Luck And Personal Freedom

After a long period of darkness in the past months of 2020, the September Full Moon announces a hint of light on the horizon. The month also brings personal freedom. With good luck coming our way because of the Full Harvest Moon, we can expect to live our lives the way we truly want during this month.

The history of the “Harvest Moon” goes back to agricultural societies where farmers prayed to the Harvest Moon during their harvest season. The long duration of the light from this glowing Moon would allow the farmers to stay in their fields and harvest the crops throughout the night. This Full Moon thereafter became symbolic of reaping the benefits of your good work, or simply, a harbinger of good luck.

The September Full Harvest Moon is unlike any other Full Moons that happen all around the year. The timing of this Moon specifically links it to the harvest season. So just like this moon makes it easy for farmers to see in the dark and reap their hard-earned harvest, it’s likely to bring a lot of clarity, luck, and light in our lives. If you were feeling stuck with some work till now, this is the time to free those knots. This Full Moon will bring free-flowing thought and action with it to help you finish those projects.

September Full Moon In Pisces Will Make You Focus On Your Emotions

The positive things happening this month will let us dream big. It will open up our minds to new aims and imaginations for the future. Since we’ll have an open heart, our emotional transactions will also increase.

Moreover, Pisces being a water sign, the Full Moon in Pisces will calm our souls and attune us with all the emotions surrounding us. The healing element of Pisces will recharge and rejuvenate us, giving us the energy required to keep the body and the soul together.

This is the ideal time to shed the negative skin and banish our negative energies. You’ll find a lot of energy within you during this time. So, make a to-do list, clear out the emotional baggage, and focus on yourself. Allow yourself the time you need to relax and recharge.

With a lot of good luck lurking in the corner because of the September Full Moon, you’ll find new opportunities. Grab as many as you can, and start acting on what you have been wanting to do for a long time.

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