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This Is How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect The Love Life Of The Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

The three weeks of Mercury retrograde (from 27th September till 18th October) will be filled with timing troubles, communication clashes, scheduling snags, and more.

What this means is that our relationships will be heavily impacted. Moreover, being in Libra may intensify Mercury retrogrades energy on our romantic relationships.

Logistics may also be a difficult thing to balance. Here are how the zodiacs’ love lives will fare during this time.


This will be a testing time for any committed relationships. Any conversations regarding partnerships that have been ignored so far, will resurface now. Balancing honesty and diplomacy will help you help in finding an improved equilibrium in your relationship.


Be careful or you run the risk of being late for an important date or two. It might be difficult to plan some quality romance time, since communication and timing issues may keep cropping up at the last minute. You might find being spontaneous more beneficial.


Your dating and sex life may make you feel nostalgic right now. You might find past hook-ups and lovers getting in touch once more, hoping to reconnect. It might be a great time to get some closure but any new flings right now do not have a great chance of lasting.


Your personal space will be influenced by the mix-ups of the retrograde. Moreover, this may result in romantic relationships being affected as well. If you have a committed relationship or live together, then get ready to clear any underlying misunderstandings or relationship issues. If the relationship is still in the starting phases, then it is a great time for stepping back and considering your security.


Double-check your romantic messages before sending them, because this planetary retrograde will make them very easy to be misunderstood. Be conscious and clear about your intentions from the relationship to avoid drama.


Figure out what is worthy of your time right now if it is related to love. You can get easily distracted by external drama and material issues. However, you can see your relationship’s true sparkle if you spend time thinking about your romantic circumstances. Or, you may realize that better prospects are out there which suit your needs better.


Your focus is usually on love dramas and your partner. But this Mercury retrograde will ask you to look at yourself for a change. Ask yourself if you think you authentically express your thoughts within your present connections. If anything is keeping you back, then this is the time for clearing the mess.


This retrograde can leave you especially overwhelmed and sleepy. But it is alright to take some time off from your romantic life’s tribulations and trials. Solitude is necessary to process feelings. Listen to what your intuition tells you.


This is not a good time for getting your partner familiar with your social circle. It will be especially awkward to mediate between lovers and friend groups right now, and it may imbalance the entire group dynamics. So try staying away from big introductions right now.


The retrograde can produce some annoying snags related to work right now. So it may be difficult to balance your love life and professional obligations. Take extra time to tell your partner about everything going on if you are distracted or flaky.


Some exciting past ideas and flames might be rediscovered now. It is a great thing that you are expanding your romantic horizons and giving people another chance. But be patient and assess if your flings right now will support your growth. Otherwise, it can end badly.


This is a great time for unearthing all the unconscious patterns regarding love. Long-hidden secrets or unspoken resentments can surface right now. You must face this head-on so that you can heal.

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