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Three Tips To Help You Allow Yourself To Open Up And Receive

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by Conscious Reminder

If you plan to manifest something, the easiest way to do it is by “asking” and then “receiving” it.

The Law of Attraction provides several tools for asking like crafting affirmations, setting intentions, feeling the outcome, or even visualizing.

You need to have faith when you intend to receive and this is quite challenging for most of us.

You can get mixed messages from different cultural sources like “ no pain, no gain” or even that it is better to provide than to receive. These assumptions can make you block or doubt your powers of receiving. It will also make you wonder if you are worthy to manifest your desires.

Sometimes while you are manifesting your dearest things, you can sense your lack of desire. You will reflect on those days when you tried to have it but everything fell apart. These thoughts make it quite hard to receive the desire that you crave.

Surrender Your Desires To Receive Them

You also need to surrender some things in order to receive. You must let go of some of your cherished desire and let the Universe play its part.

You might face questions or doubts about leaving those desires. You can also think that you might not get there as you were the one who gave up.

You are not giving up on your desires, on the other hand, you are surrendering them. The surrender is important to allow you to receive.

We will assist you with a tool that will help you overcome this tricky process of receiving, which is non-attachment.

What Does Non-Attachment Mean?

Non-attachment is the process by which you do not pin your emotions to certain results. You should not cling on to your desires as if it was a life raft. 

You need to honor such wishes by surrendering them to the Universe and then going on to enjoy your life in the present situation.

It is quite different from detachment. Detachment is a coldness where you lose all your motivation towards your goals. 

Non-attachment will help you take inspired action towards your desires and you will feel good even if they do not manifest. You will feel perfectly fine, even though it takes a lot of time. You will feel like relishing and enjoying the process instead of putting all the joys for the future.

3 Tips For Using Non-Attachment In Manifestation:

1: Cultivating The Presence In The Moment

Do not get attached to things being in a respective way. It will force you to project yourself into the future or delve into the past. You need to anchor yourself in the present moment and release all such attachments.

This is quite difficult to master, especially when you are in a crisis. If everything feels difficult, use your breath as the anchor.

Be mindful while you breathe in and out. Focus on the movement of your breath flowing through your body. You need to stick to the present and that you are alive now.

2: Practice The Art Of Being Grateful

Focus on your happiness and the circumstances of your life. Note down all your blessings in a journal or in your mind before you sleep.

Noting these down will help you sharpen your focus. You need to become completely acceptable to the fact that you might never receive your desires. This will strangely, create more space for the desire to manifest itself.

3: Notice The Signs Sent By The Universe

Take some time out and listen to your surroundings. Watch out for the small moments of inspiration that the Universe sends your way. Taking such actions will push you towards your goals and you will be able to enter into a sacred dialogue with everything there is!

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